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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Analysis of Two Channels Sequential Nitrogen Laser CircuitProf. A. V. Gholap; Zerihun, Solomon
Jun-2017Determination of Caffeine Concentrations of Ethiopian Export Standard Coffee Samples and the Investigation of Optical and Quantum Mechanical Transitional Properties of Caffeine Molecule by UV/VIS-Absorption SpectroscopyProf. A. V. Gholap; Seyoum, Alene
Jun-2006Determination of Diffusion Coefficient of Transparent Liquid Solutions using Moire Deflectometry and Online Monitoring of Liquid Quality by Ray DefectionProf. A. V. Gholap; Kebede, Alemu
11-Oct-2007Determination of Diffusion Coefficient of Transparent Solutions Using Moire’defelectometeryProf. A. V. Gholap; Getachew, Alemu
11-Dec-2007Determination of Fat and Protein Content of Milk Using He-Ne Laser Light ScatteringProf. A. V. Gholap; Ermias, Abebe
11-Oct-2007Determination of Optical Constants and Thickness of 3-Octylphenylthiophene/Popt by Rotating Angle EllipsometryProf. A. V. Gholap; Cherinet, Seboka
Jun-2014Determination of the Concentration of Lycopene in Tomato by Using Absorption SpectroscopyProf. A. V. Gholap; Hailye, Andualem
Jun-2009Fringe Spacing and Strain Analysis Using Laser Moir´E Fringe Projection TechniqueProf. A. V. Gholap; Setegn, Ayalew
11-May-2010Holographic ApplicatonsProf. A. V. Gholap; Tadele, Negash
Jun-2013Industrial Applications of EllipsometryProf. A. V. Gholap; Mare, Samson
Jun-2013An Investigation of Attenuation and Dispersion in Optical FiberProf. A. V. Gholap; Gudato, Mesfn
Jun-2017Investigation of Chlorophyll and Beta Carotenoids in Edible Oils by Absorption and Fluorescence SpectroscopyProf. A. V. Gholap; Taye, Tewodros
Jun-2012Investigation of Nonlinear Effects in Optical FibersProf. A. V. Gholap; Desta, Regassa
Jun-2012Investigation of the Effects of Macro Bending Loss on Step Index Single Mode FiberProf. A. V. Gholap; Mekuanint, Lemlem
Jun-2012Investigation of Variation of Normalized V-Parameter with Wave Length in an Optical FiberProf. A. V. Gholap; Abebaw, Abun
Apr-2016Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Coupled with Multivariate Chemometric Method for Characterization and Quality Control of Ethiopian Coffee and Herbal MedicinesProf. A. V. Gholap; Yoseph, Alresawum
Jun-2012Laser Light Scattering for Investigation of Particle Size Dependency of Quality and Flavor of CoffeeProf. A. V. Gholap; Endris, Taju
Feb-2012Measurement of the Diffusion Coefficient of Miscible Fluids Using Moiré deflectometryProf. A. V. Gholap; Sisay, Milkias
4-Jul-2010Modeling of Scattering and Absorption by Phantom TissueProf. A. V. Gholap; Tilahun, Abebe
Apr-2016New Insights into the Relation Between Coronal Mass Ejections and Nonthermal Radio EmissionsDr. Natchimuthuk Gopalswamy; Prof. A. V. Gholap; Tsega, Berhane