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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Addis Ababa City Light Railway Transit Speed Profile for Optimum Train Drive: Case of Line from Menelik Square to KalityMengesha Mamo (PhD); Abebe, Teklu
17-May-2017Analysis and DSP Implementation of Sensor-less Direct FOC of Three-Phase Induction Motor Using Open-Loop Speed EstimatorMengesha Mamo (PhD); Teshome, Hambissa
Aug-2016Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Ethiopia Railway Traction System: The Case of Awash-Woldia Project Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Ethiopia Railway Traction System: The Case of Awash-Woldia Project Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Ethiopia Railway Traction System: The Case of Awash-Woldia ProjectMengesha Mamo (PhD); Abebe Demisie (Mr.) Co-Advisor; Sintayehu, Yilma
Apr-2016Control of Lower Limb Exoskeleton With Simulated EMG SignalMengesha Mamo (PhD); Co-Advisor: Andinet Negash (Mr.); Bethlehem, Aberra
Mar-2011Design and Development of Vehicle Identification System for the Ethiopian Road and Transport AuthorityMengesha Mamo (PhD); Nathanael, Chuta
May-2017Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Logy Based Frequency Controller for Standalone Micro Hydro Power PlantMengesha Mamo (PhD); Yalmezerfe, Getnet
Jun-2016Design and Simulation of Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) for Electrified Railway System: Case study of Shiro MedaMengesha Mamo (PhD); Mengistu, Asres
May-2017Design of Battery Powered Tef Seed Row Planting RobotMengesha Mamo (PhD); Taye, Abebaw
May-2016Design of Super twisting Sliding Mode Controller for Hovering Stabilization of Tricopter UAVMengesha Mamo (PhD); Andinet Negash (Mr.) Co-Advisor; Asalifew, Belachew
Jun-2016Direct Torque Control of Five Phase Induction Motor Using Space Vector ModulationMengesha Mamo (PhD); Gebrihans, Yehdego
8-May-2012DSP Based Field Weakening Control of PMSMMengesha Mamo (PhD); Dereje, Shibeshi
15-Apr-2013DSP Based Implementation of Field-Weakening on Synchronous Motor for High Speed OperationMengesha Mamo (PhD); Henok, Berhanu
21-Oct-2008DSP Based Vector Control of Induction MotorMengesha Mamo (PhD); Abrham, Belay
Aug-2014Harmonic Analysis of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Traction ConvertersMengesha Mamo (PhD); Demissu, Legese
Apr-2015Management of Regenerative Braking Energy for Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit SystemMengesha Mamo (PhD); Mequanint, Biazen
Jan-2017Model Reference Adaptive Control Based Sensorless Speed Control of Induction MotorMengesha Mamo (PhD); Workagegn, Tatek
Jul-2014Multi-Objective Optimization of Train Speed Profiles: The Case of Ayat to Megenagna Line of Addis Ababa Light Rail TransitMengesha Mamo (PhD); Tamirat, Gebremariam
5-Feb-2013Observer based Speed Control of PMSM using TMS320F2812 DSPMengesha Mamo (PhD); Hamdihun, Abdie
Jun-2016Power Qualliitty Conttroll off Addiis Ababa Liightt Raiill Transiitt Power Supplly Systtem Usiing Sttattiic VAR Compensattor and Harmoniic FiilltterMengesha Mamo (PhD); Desta, Tad esse
Sep-2015Rotor Position Extraction by Carrier Frequency Component Method (CFCM) In Space Vector Modulation (SVM) For IPM DrivesMengesha Mamo (PhD); Nebiyu, Tenaye