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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2005An Assessment Of Road Construction Training Programs In The Ethiopian Roads Authority Training CentersMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Yoseph, Woubalem
Mar-2005An Assessment Of The Practices And Problems Of Public Education Budget Allocation Implementation: The Case Of North Shoa Zone In AmharaMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Alebachew, Nigussie
Mar-2005An assessment of the practices and problems of Public education budget allocation Implementationi The case of north shoa zone in amharaMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Alebachew, Nigussie
Jun-2014Design and Implementation of Balanced Scorecard in the Development Bank of EthiopiaMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Asrat, Tereda
May-2004Factors Affecting The Internal Efficiency Of Rural Primary Schools In Tigray RegionMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Lisanu, Ashebir
Jun-2005Instructors' Perception Of Performance Appraisal In Government Teacher Training Colleges Of Amhara RegionMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Habtamu, Gezahegn
Jun-2014Perception Of Employees Towards The System Of Staff Performance Appraisal: A Case Study Of Ethiopian Federal Ministry Of EducationMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Birhanu, Workye
Jun-2014Practice challenges and prospects of outsaureing non -academic servicesin pablic universitesMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Meiaku, Girmachew
May-2005The practice of and problems in the preparation And implementation of education budget in Benishangul-gumuz regional state education BureauMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Mulugeta, Deressa
Jun-2014Principal Instructional Leadership Performances And Influencing Factors In Secondary Schools Of Addis AbabaMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Wondimu, Oumer
Jul-2014Status Of Teachers’ Participation In Management Of Secondary Schools In Jimma ZoneMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Berhanu, Mamo
Jun-2015Students Descipilinary Problems In One Govrnment And Three Praivate Preparatory Schools Of Addis Ketema Sub-City Of Addis Ababa City AdministrationMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Tirunesh, Mekonnen
Jun-2004The Study of Practices, Problems And Prospects of Budgeting Educational Capital Projects in Amhara RegionMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Damena, Lemma
Jun-2005A Study Of Practices, Problems And Prospects Of Material Resource Management In Secondary Schools Of East Hararghe ZoneMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Tadesse, Hailu
Jun-2005A Study Of Practices, Problems And Prospects Of Material Resource Management In Secondary Schools Of East Harargihe ZoneMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Tadesse, Hailu
May-2014Teaching Staff Turnover And Its Relationship With School Management And Students’ Academic Performance In Secondary Schools Of South West Shoa ZoneMelaku Yimam, (Ato ); Dereje, Mekonnen