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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2016Assessment on Interpretive Technique of Transmissivity and Storativity on Aquifers: Case of Legedadi Deep WellsMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Saberi, Borga
Nov-2014Characterization of Groundwater- Lake Water Interaction in Lake Hawassa BasinMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Yeneneh, Atnafu
Jul-2015Characterizing the Ground Water Resources Potential in Omo Gibe River BasinMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Birhanu, Haile
Oct-2015Characterizing the Groundwater Potential of Wabi Shebelle River BasinMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Tesema, Kebede
Nov-2014Construction Quality Monitoring of Embankment Dams Using Pore Water Pressure, The Case of Kesem DamMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Abebe, Arega
Aug-2017Embankment Dam Safety Monitoring Through Seepage Analysis (Case study: Gilgel Gibe I Hydropower Dam)Mebruk Mohammed (PhD); Abrehet, Mekonnen
Oct-2016Establishing optimal reservoir operation of Fincha`a – Amerty ReservoirsMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Amayou, Belissa
Jun-2016Evaluation of Hydraulic Parameters in Kobo Irrigation WellsMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Amare, Yalew
2015Groundwater potential assessment and characterization of Genale-Dawa River basinMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Nebiyou, Kassahun
Oct-2016The Impact of Existing and Proposed Irrigation scheme on Hydrology of lake ZiwayMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Daniel, Fekadu
Jul-2015Impact of Pumping for Irrigation on Groundwater Potential: Case of Eastern Part of Guraghe ZoneMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Zekarias, Banda
Jun-2015Interbasin Groundwater Transfer in Upper Rift Valley Lakes and Upper Awash River BasinsMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Bisrat, Ayalew
Jun-2017Maximizing Water Use Efficiency through Intra-Basin Canal System: The Case of Awash River BasinMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Betelhem, Wondimneh
Aug-2014River Sediment Transport Monitoring to Improve the Life Span of DamsMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Seid, Znabu
Jun-2015Vulnerability of Mojo Drinking Water Supply Well Aquifer to Anthropogenic DevelopmentMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Getachew, Abebe
Jun-2017Well Failure Assessment: the case of Akaki Phase IIIB Well FieldMebruk Mohammed (PhD); Sofia, Edris