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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2016The Assessment of Status in Public Procurement Planning and Implementation: The Case of Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service, EthiopiaJemal Abagissa (PhD); Abera, Gelgelu
3-Jun-2014Challenges and prospects of Balanced scorecard Implementation in the Development Bank of EthiopiaJemal Abagissa (PhD); Tsion, Getachew
May-2015Challenges and Prospects of Outsourcing: The Case of Commercial Bank of EthiopiaJemal Abagissa (PhD); Abebe, Maru
Jun-2015The Contributions of Strategic Planning to Organizational Performance:The Case of Sululta Town AdministrationJemal Abagissa (PhD); Bekele, Ketema
Jun-2016Corruption Prevention Strategy of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission: It’s Efficacy in Curbing Corruption in Public ProcurementJemal Abagissa (PhD); Berhanu, Kifetew
May-2015An Investigation into The Relationship Between Administrative Culture and Institutionalization of Performance Management Reform in Amhara National Regional State Civil Service by Using the Fedrral Reform Project as a term of ReferenceJemal Abagissa (PhD); Alazare, Amare
Feb-2015Managing urban institutions for development (Employment and Housing) in addis ababa CityJemal Abagissa (PhD); Biruk, Shiferaw
Jun-2016Migration and Reintegration Endeavor of Women Domestic Workers Returnees from Saudi Arabia: The Experience of Saudi Returnees in North Wollo, Woldia TownJemal Abagissa (PhD); Lezebet, Seid
12-Apr-2014Peculiar Health Problems Due to Industrial Wastes in Addis Ababa City: the Case of Akaki Kality Industrial ZoneJemal Abagissa (PhD); Tesfay, Aregawi
Jun-2016Private Wing Practices and Challenges in Addis Ababa HospitalsJemal Abagissa (PhD); Wossen, Alemu
Jun-2016The Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Environmental Protection: The Case of MELCA Ethiopia and World Vision EthiopiaJemal Abagissa (PhD); Alelign, Shibabaw
Feb-2016The Role of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in the Mobilization of Foreign Currency to Support Fertilizer Import,Jemal Abagissa (PhD); Anteneh, Girma
Dec-2014Satellite City and its Importance for Urban Socio economic Development, the case of Addis Ababa and its Surrounding TownsJemal Abagissa (PhD); Yonatan, wodajo