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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Dec-2012Biodiesel Production from Vernonia Galamensis Oil Using Ethanol with Alkali CatalystGizachew Shiferaw (Eng.); Enkuahone, Abebe
2015Characterization of Physicochemical Parameters for Tap Water and Removal of Hardness Using Moringa Stenopetala seed as Natural Absorbent The Case of Mekelle Town, Tigray, EthiopiaGizachew Shiferaw (Eng.); Amhagiyorgis, Mesfin
Jun-2011Evaluation and optimization of process conditions for Lime saccharate clarification in the manufacture of plantation white sugar:The case of Metahara sugar FactoryGizachew Shiferaw (Eng.); Abayneh, Bazezew