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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Application of Cogeneration at Industries in Ethiopia Case Study - St. George BreweryGetachew Bekele (PhD); Tigist, Mussa
9-May-2012Assessment of Micro Hydro Power Potential of Selected Ethiopian Rivers- A Case Study in The North NorthwestGetachew Bekele (PhD); Abebe, Tilahun
Jul-2014Assessment of Resource Potential and Modeling of Standalone PV/Wind Hybrid System for Rural Electrification, Case Study Axum DistrictGetachew Bekele (PhD); Solomon, Kiros
10-May-2012Design of A Photovoltaic-Wind Hybrid Power Generation System for Ethiopian Remote AreaGetachew Bekele (PhD); Gelma, Boneya
Jul-2014Dynamic Modeling And Techno-Economic Analysis Of PV-Wind-Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System: The Case Study Of NIFASSOGetachew Bekele (PhD); Mikias, Hailu
Jun-2013Energy Conserving Electrical System Design and Performance Analysis for Commercial Buildings in Addis AbabaGetachew Bekele (PhD); Bezawit, Teshome
3-May-2012Energy Distribution and Utilization Assessment in Industries (Case Study at Mughar Cement Factory)Getachew Bekele (PhD); Alebachew Tilahun
Jun-2016Energy Efficiency and Power Quality Improvement in Textile Industries: (Case Study: Arbaminch Textile Factory)Getachew Bekele (PhD); Marishet, Kebede
Mar-2015Feasibility Study of Off-Grid Hybrid Systems: Mini-Hydro, PV, and Wind Power Systems for Rural Electrification in EthiopiaGetachew Bekele (PhD); Abraham, Tesfa
28-Oct-2014Feasibility Study of PV/Wind/Micro-Hydro/Biomass Hybrid Systems for off-grid Electrification of Selected Rural Areas in Ethiopia (case Studies: Eastern Gojam Zone, Sinan District)Getachew Bekele (PhD); Muluneh, Minwuye
4-May-2012Feasibility Study of Small Hydro/PV/Wind Hybrid System for Off-Grid Rural Electrification in EthiopiaGetachew Bekele (PhD); Getnet, Tadesse
Aug-2014Feasibility Study of Standalone PV/Wind/Biogas Hybrid System for Rural Electrification: (A Case Study of Midrwa Community in Adigrat District)Getachew Bekele (PhD); Fitwi, Sisay
Jul-2016Hydro/Biogas Based Distributed Generation for Katikala Distillation in Ethiopia, Case study at Arsi NegeleGetachew Bekele (PhD); Gemedo, Dera
Nov-2014Increased Services from the Cane Sugar Industries: Poly-generation of Heat, Power and Bio-fuel (A Case Study at Finchaa Sugar Factory)Getachew Bekele (PhD); Binyam, Semret
Mar-2015Optimal Location and Sizing of Distributed Generation the Case Study of Adama Distribution SystemGetachew Bekele (PhD); Adnan, Kedir
Aug-2014Potential and Feasibility Study of Standalone Solar PV/Wind/Biogas & Biodiesel Hybrid Electric Supply System with Energy Saving MechanismsGetachew Bekele (PhD); Demsew, Mitiku
Jun-2016Reliability Assessment of Radial Distribution System With Distributed GenerationGetachew Bekele (PhD); Amache, Jara
Jun-2015Studies on Energy Utilization and Efficiency Improvement Opportunities of Messebo Cement FactoryGetachew Bekele (PhD); Lemlem, Haftom