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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2008Comparative Study Of School-Parent Partnership In Government And Private Primary Schools: The Case Of Yekatit-23 And Eshet Academy In Bahir DarGetachew Adugna (Dr.); Abebe, Tamir
Jun-2008Comparative Study on Classroom Social Interaction in Government and Private Preparatory Schools: The Case of Addis Ababa City Administration ,. ' } . . .Getachew Adugna (Dr.); Aychiluhim, Ketema
Jun-2011Factors Affecting Female Students Parti Industrial Fields of the Study: The Case of Openo Technical Vocational and Education cipation in al Training CollegeGetachew Adugna (Dr.); Tesfaye, Birhane
Jun-2009The Impact Of English Language Improvement Program vie (Elip) On Teachers' Behaviors And Classroom Performance: The Case Of Kidusgebriel And Abune Phetiros Primary Schools In Mettu TownGetachew Adugna (Dr.); Belete, Damtew
May-2014The Implementation of Learner Support Services in Select and Alpha Distance Education Institution.Getachew Adugna (Dr.); Anteneh, Tsegaye
Jun-2008An Investigation Into Alternative Basic Education Level-On E Learners' Textbooks Of Pastoralist And Semi-Pastoralist Areas Of OromiaGetachew Adugna (Dr.); Bayisa, Sarbessa
Jun-2016The Relevance Of Distance Education Print Instructional Materials To The Needs Of Distance Learners: The Case Of Ministry Of National DefenceGetachew Adugna (Dr.); Demeke, Mengistu
Jun-2016The Relevance of Distance Education Print Instructional Materials to the Needs of Distance learners: the Case of Ministry of National Defense.Getachew Adugna (Dr.); Demeke, Mengistu