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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Assessment and evaluation of surface water potential and demands in Baro-Akobo river basin, Ethiopia.Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Muhammed, Alkasim
Dec-2015Assessment of Surface Water Potential and Demands in Tekeze River Basin, Northern EthiopiaGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Setogn, Abate
Jun-2015Assessment of The Water Demand Management of Condominium Houses Considering Grey Water Reuse The Case of Mickey Leland And Jemo Gara Addis Ababa, EthiopiaGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Asmamaw, Mekonnen
Nov-2016Assessment of the Water Distribution Network of Metu Town Water Supply System, EthiopiaGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Benyam, Bogale
Jul-2015Assessment of Water Loss in Water Supply Networks (A Case of Debre Markos Town)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Melaku, Abebaw
May-2016Assessment of Water Quality (The Case Study of Adama Town)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Abreham, Gebissa
May-2016Assessment Of Welkite Water Supply System In Gurage Zone, SNNPR, EthiopiaGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Majer, Behute
16-Jun-2014Ensuring Functional Sustainability of Water and Sanitation Developments in Rural AreasGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Fiseha, Israel
Mar-2017Evaluation of the Impacts Of Climate Change on Water Resources of Omo-Gibe River BasinGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Ashenafi, Getachew
Oct-2016Generation of Solar -Hydroelectric Energy to Control the Expansion of Lake Besaka, EthiopiaGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Girma, Amare
Jun-2015Hydraulic Modeling and Improvement of Addis Ababa Water Supply System (The Case of Bole Bulbula)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Saleamlak, Muluken
Jun-2015Investigation of Drinking Water Quality from Source to Point of Distribution :-(The Case of Gimbi Town, In Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Gurmessa, Oljira
Sep-2016Megech Dam Reservoir Sediment Estimation Using SWAT ModelGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Nina, Kemal
Mar-2017Performance Assessment of Road Drainage Systems of Burayu TownGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Mulualem, Bekele
May-2016Potential Micro-Hydropower Assessment in Upper Wabi Shebele River basin (The case of Adaba sub catchment)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Mubarek, Jemal
Dec-2016Quality Assessment of Rural Drinking Water Supply Schemes from Source To -Point Of- Use. (A Case Study of Ada‟A Woreda, In Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Daba, Desissa
May-2015Rainwater Harvesting for Addis Ababa city; a Case of Jemo Condominium SiteGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Ashebir, Kebede
4-Mar-2016Risk Assessment of the Impact of Landfill on Surface Water Resources - a Case Study of the New Sendafa LandfillGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Hanna, Getachew
May-2015Technical Investigation of Rural Schools Roof Water Harvesting Schemes (The Case of Chacha and Choki School Schemes, in Amhara Region North Shoa Zone Angolalla Terana Asagirt Wereda)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Eyob, Betru
Jun-2016Urban Water Supply Performance Assessment - The Case of Hossana Town In Hadiya Zone, SNNP Regional State Of EthiopiaGeremew Sahilu (PhD); Mulatu, Bufebo