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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Determinants of Behavioral Factors Influencing Individual Investors’ Decisions Making in Addis Ababa at Ethiopian Private Commercial Banks.Gebremedhin Gebrehiwot (Ato); Yoseph, Tadesse
Jan-2016Internal Determinants of Dividend Payout in Private Commercial Banks in EthiopiaGebremedhin Gebrehiwot (Ato); Chekole, Demilie
20-Feb-2015Ownership structure and financial Performance of Ethiopian banks: a Comparative analysis of private and State owned banksGebremedhin Gebrehiwot (Ato); Mohammed, Worku
Jun-2009The trend of Loan Recovery Performance in Banking Industry: A case study of Awash International Bank S.Co.Gebremedhin Gebrehiwot (Ato); Feyisa, Gurmu