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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2007Analysis of Subsurface Contaminant Transport in Akaki Well Field and surrounding areas, Central EthiopiaDr. Asfawossen Asrat; Dr. Worash Getaneh; Leta, Gudissa
Jun-2014Assessment of Soil Erosion Risk with RUSLE and GIS in GeffersaWatershed, West Shewa Zone Oromiya RegionDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Mekuria Argaw; Mekonnen, Hana
Jun-2017Characterization of the Genesis of Belessa Kaolin Occurrences, Hosaina Area, Central Main Ethiopian RiftDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Binyam Tesfaw; Bedassa, Gemechu
15-Nov-2007Engineering Gelogical Characterization of the Rock Mass for the Tana Beles Hydro Electic City Project Powerhouse CavityDr. Tarun Kumar Raghuvanshi; Dr. Worash Getaneh; Negash, Anteneh
1-Oct-2007Environmental Analysis of a Hydrologic System the Case of Tinishu Akaki River, Western Addis Ababa, EthiopiaDr. Asfawossen Asrat; Dr. Worash Getaneh; Abdulshikur, Mohammed
Jul-2011Environmental Impact Study of Artisanal Mining of Opal in Delanta WoredaDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Hameed Suleiman; Mohammed, Shikur
26-Dec-2006Environmental Impacts of Gold Mining on Waters and Sediments of Legadembi AreaDr. Worash Getaneh; Seyoum, Zenebe
Dec-2013Genesis of Magmatic Phosphate Mineralization in Gabbro Intrusive Rocks of Bikilal-Ghimbi Area, Western EthiopiaDr. Worash Getaneh; Tesfa, Lemu
Jun-2016Geology and Genesis of Gold Mineralization in Kushmagane Area, Assosa Woreda, Western EthiopiaDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Mulugeta Alene; Amena, Leta
May-2016Geology, geochemistry and genesis of tantalite deposit of the primary ore zone of Kenticha rare metal pegmatite field, Adola Belt, Southern EthiopiaDr. Zerihun Desta; Dr. Worash Getaneh; Seid, Mohammed
1-Jun-2016The Geology, Timing event and Roles of Quartz Porphyry intrusions on the VMS gold Mineralization at Terakimti area North West shire, Northern EthiopiaDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Mulugeta Alene
13-Nov-2007Impact Assessment and Restoration of Quarry Site in Urban Environment: The Case of Augusta QuarryDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Tarun K.Raghuvanshi; Enatfenta, Melaku
1-Jan-2005Mineralization and associated structures of Okote prospect (Southern Ethiopia)Dr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Mulugeta Alene; Abu, Wube
13-Nov-2007Modeling of Flood Hazard Management for Forecasting and Emergency Response of ‘Koka’ Area within Awash River Basin using Remote Sensing and GIS MethodDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. K. S. R. Murthy; Alemayehu, Zewdie
Jun-2000Some Features of Gold Mineralization in Southern Seken 1 Area (Worq Amba), TigrayDr. Worash Getaneh; Ofgaa, Temesgen