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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Adoption of E-Commerce Framework for Ethiopian BankDr. Wondwossen Mulugeta; Tefera, Emishaw
Feb-2017Automatic Text Summarizer for Tigrinya LanguageDr. Wondwossen Mulugeta; Amiha, Guesh
Jun-2016Classifying Insider Threat from Electronic Mail CommunicationDr. Wondwossen Mulugeta; Adela, Firesenbet
Oct-2016Predicting Fertility Rate in Ethiopia Using Data Mining TechniquesDr. Wondwossen Mulugeta; Fekadu, Yosef
Jun-2017Word Sequence Prediction Model for Afaan OromooDr. Wondwossen Mulugeta; Emesgen, Wakshum