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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1995Energy Transfer between Excitons and the 3d-Electrons of Mn2+ in Zn1-x Mnx SeDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Ejigu, Afrash
Jun-1999Minority Carrier Life time in Crystalline and Polycrystalline Silicon Solar CellsDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Lewetegn, Elias
Jun-1998Optical and Electrical Properties of A-Si:H Multilayer Solar CellsDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Mesfin, Belayneh
Jun-1996Optical Characterization of Thin Film Solar CellsDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Bekele, Endeshaw
Jun-1997Optical Properties of Multilayer StacksDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Beneberu, Solomon
Jun-1995The Oxidation Kinetics and interface Stability of Silicon (Si) and Cobaltdisilicide (C0si2) in Dry Thermal OxidationDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Hailu, Endeshaw
Jun-1998Temperature Dependence of the Optical Band Gap of a-Si:H Thin FilmsDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Negash, Tesfaye
Jun-1996Temperature Dependence of The Optical Properties of A-Si:H Thin Films for Solar CellsDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Bekele, Challa
Jun-1996X-Ray Study of Dynamics of Growing Wetting FilmsDr. Ulrich Stutenbaeumer; Prof. Werner Press; Woldeghebriel, Hagos