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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2010Attached and Unattached Fraction of Radon Decay Products in Mine AtmosphereDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Gizachew, Zihon
Jul-2010Bone Density Measurement Using Compton ScatteringDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Melkamu, Asres
Jul-2009Comparative Analysis of Radionuclides in Farm Soil from Bilajig Village North Gondar EthiopiaDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Aklie, Teshager
Jun-2017Effective Indoor 222Rn Radiation Dose from Concentration on Filtered Air SampleDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Terefe, Temesgen
Jul-2010Gamma Ray Attenuation In Composite MaterialsDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Nuredin, Ahmed
9-Nov-2007Indoor and Outdoor Variation of Radon ConcentrationDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Tsega, Berhane
Jun-2016Investigation of Natural Radioactive Element Concentrations in Some Environmental Samples Addis Ababa, EthiopiaDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Demissie, Habtamu
6-Sep-2006Measuring Radon Concentration Using Filtered Air SamplesDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Bemenet, Alemayehu
Jul-2006Neutron Activation Analysis of CompoundsDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Mengistu, Efrem
16-Nov-2007Occupational Exposure of Medical Workers to Diagnostic X-Rays: The Case of Addis Ababa Health CentersDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Tegegne, Tirfe
Jun-2009Radiation Dose Measurement by Sodium Iodide (Thallium) Scintillation DetectorDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Kebede, Yacob
Jun-2011Radon Progeny Deposition in Respiratory Tract: Comparative Analysis of ModelsDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Tamiru, Bayissa
6-Jun-2010Review of Radon Studies: Health PerspectivesDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Tafesse, Kabtihyimer
2-Aug-2007Thoron Component of Atmospheric RadonDr. Tilahun Tesfaye; Yared, Tesfaye