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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Application of Rule Based Advisory System to Identify Species of Pathogenic BacteriaDr. Tibebe Beshah; Hailu, Meseret
Jun-2017Challenges and Benefits of Outsourcing Information System Development FunctionDr. Tibebe Beshah; Teshome, Iyasu
Jan-2015The Challenges and Current Status of ERP ImplementationDr. Tibebe Beshah; Asrat, Kibebework
Jun-2016The Changing Role of IS Managers in the Business EnvironmentDr. Tibebe Beshah; Feyssa, Gezahegn
Oct-2014Designing an Integrated Licensing and Inspection Information SystemDr. Tibebe Beshah; Dr. Mirgisa Kaba; Alemu, Tolessa
Jun-2014Enhancing Knowledge Sharing with In NBI Determinants and SolutionsDr. Tibebe Beshah; Tesfaye, Anteneh
Jun-2017A Framework to Support Knowledge Sharing Practice among Health Care Professionals at Yekatit 12 Hospital Medical CollegeDr. Tibebe Beshah; Dr. Ayele Belachew; Lema, Betelehem
Sep-2015Information System Adoption in Ethiopian Public OrganizationsDr. Tibebe Beshah; Araya, Girmanesh
Jun-2017IT Project Outsourcing Risk Management Process Model from the Client and Vendor PerspectiveDr. Tibebe Beshah; Girma, Bezawit
Jun-2017Laboratory Information System for Arada Health CenterDr. Tibebe Beshah; Yimer Seid; Kebede, Debritu
Jun-2016Maturity of Information Technology Governance in the Financial Sector of Ethiopia; a Comparative StudyDr. Tibebe Beshah; Tagel, Mekonenn
Oct-2014Opinion Mining from Amharic Entertainment TextsDr. Tibebe Beshah; Getachew, Abreham
Jun-2016Opportunities and Challenges of Crowdsourcing in Addis Ababa Software CompaniesDr. Tibebe Beshah; Getachew, Mahlet
Oct-2015Predicting Antenatal Care Follow Up of Women during Pregnancy in Ethiopia Using Data Mining TechnologyDr. Tibebe Beshah; Assefa, Teklehaimanot