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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Discovery, Physical Properties, Synthesis and Application of GrapheneProf. Vadim N. Mal'nev; Dr. Teshome Senbeta; Teshome, Abreham
Aug-2016Electron Scattering in Graphene by Non-Symmetric Potential with Magnetic Dipole Moment in the Frame of Born ApproximationDr. Teshome Senbeta; Feyisa, Getachew
6-Jun-2017Fano Resonances in Metal /Dielectric Composites and Growth Mechanism and Ferromagnetism in ZnO NanostructuresDr. Belayneh Mesfin; Dr. Teshome Senbeta; Tesfaye, Leta
Jun-2017Investigation of Thermoluminescence Properties of Silicon Quantum Dots and Ca3Y2(Si309)2 : x Ce3+ NanophosphorDr. Teshome Senbeta; Dr. Belayneh Mesfin; Gemechu, Nebiyu
Oct-2015Quantum Hall Effect in GrapheneDr. Teshome Senbeta; Eticha, Moreda
Aug-2016Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction in Two-Dimension Electron GasDr. Teshome Senbeta; Belay, Gemechu
Feb-2016Review of Classical and Quantum Hall EffectDr. Teshome Senbeta; Alem, Lakech
Sep-2016Review of Giant Magnetoresistance in Ferromagnetic CrystalsDr. Teshome Senbeta; Lakew, Tadesse
Aug-2017Review of Spin Dependent TransportDr. Teshome Senbeta; Geleta, Abdisa