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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2005Application of Remote Sensing And GIS for Geological Investigation and Groundwater Potential Zone Identification, Southeastern Ethiopian Plateau, Bale Mountains and the Surrounding AreasDr. Tesfaye Korme; Tewodros, Rango
Jun-2005Evaluation of Land Degradation and Landslide Using Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Approach Around Wolayita Sodo-Shone Area, Southern EthiopiaDr. Tesfaye Korme; Yodit, Teferi
Jun-2005Evaluation of Land Degradation around Debre Zeyit Area Using Rs and Gis TechniquesDr. Tesfaye Korme; Dr. Mohammed Umer; Endale, Hanna
Jun-2005GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Use Land Cover Change Detection in Finchaa Valley Area, East WollegaDr. Tesfaye Korme; Zeleleke, Kebebew
Jul-2005Gis in Project Impact Assessment Southern Tsetse Eradication Project Humbo Woreda (SNNPR)Dr. Tesfaye Korme; Getahun, Dereje
Jun-2005Lithological and structural Mapping of the central and North Western Part of Ethiopia in View of Petroleum ExplorationDr. Tesfaye Korme; Dr. Bekele Abebe; Dr. Asfawossen Asrat; Zelalem, Shiferaw
Jul-2005Soil Erosion Modeling Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information SystemDr. Tesfaye Korme; Hamelmal, Hagos