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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014An Assessment of the Practice of Youth Football Projects of Addis Ababa City AdministrationDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Abate, Asrat
Jun-2011Challenge and Practices of School on the Contribution for the Development of Basketball in Addis Ababa City AdministrationDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Wondwosen, Gizaw
Jul-2012Challenges and Problems of Ethiopian Paralympics Athletics Sport Participation in Paralympics GamesDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Worku, Natnael
Aug-2012Challenges and Problems of Female Long Distance Athletes in Case of Zebidar Athletics Club in Guraghe ZoneDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Alemu, Seifu
Apr-2012The Current Practice and Challenges of Ethiopian National Team Short Distance AtheletesDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Tesfaye, Fisseha
Jun-2013The Current Situation of Youth Football Projects and its Contribution to the Main ClubsDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Girma, Reta
Jun-2013The current situation of youth football projects and its contribution to the main clubs: in the case of some selected project areas in Arsi zone, EthiopiaDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; GIRMA, RETA
Oct-2012Factors that Affect Female Physical Education Teachers to Ward Sport Coaching Position in South Gonder Administration ZoneDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Demeke, Wubidil
16-Jan-2014Factors that impede the progress of trainees’ in basketball skills development; the case in selected youth projects of south regionDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; ABDRAHMAN, MOSSA
Jun-2011Interpersonal Relationships among Ethiopia Commercial Bank’s Female Athletics TeamDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Eyerusalem, Yacob
Jun-2014Investigating the Role of NGOs in Organizing Adapted Physical Education in Addis Ababa Citiy AdiministrationDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Aychiluhim, Belayenehe
Aug-2014Major Challenges of Managemental and Organizational Structure of Hand Ball in Some Selected Sport of Office of Horo Gudurru Wellega ZoneDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Seyoum, Habtamu
Apr-2012The Major Factors Affecting Women Football Participation; the Case of Some Clubs in Addis AbabaDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Biniyam, Addisu
Aug-2012Practice and Challenges of Coaches in Identifying Talent Athletes of Middle Distance of Ethiopian Athletics FederationDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Sahilu, Mintesnot
Aug-2014Practice and Challenges of Female Participation in Handball GameDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Abay, Kahsay
Jun-2017Practice and Challenges of Talent Identification of AthletesDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Kebede, Biruk
Aug-2013The Practice and Challenges of Teaching Learning Process of Physical Education the Cases of Injibara College of Teacher EducationDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Bilal, Seidu
Jun-2015Practice and Challenges on Training System of Paralympic Athletics Project in Case of Arada and Addis Ketem Sub CitiesDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Nega, Bizuye
Apr-2014Practices and Challenges of Football Coaching Leadership Style and Players SatisfactionDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Tsegay, Melake
Jun-2013Practices and Challenges of Physical Education Teachers in Teaching - Learning Process in Case of Some Selected High School of Adiss AbebaDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Ejigayehu, Kebede