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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Carbon Stock Estimation along Altitudinal Gradient in Woodland Vegetation In Ilu Gelan District, West Shewa Zone Of Oromia Region, Central EthiopiaProf. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Tamirat Bekele; Abetu, Deresa
8-Jan-2013Local use of spices, condiments and non-edible oil crops in some selected woredas in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.Dr. Tamirat Bekele; Dr Tesfaye Bekele; Atey, G/Medhin
May-2000A Study on the Ecology and Management of the Dess'a Forest in the North Eastern Escarpment of Ethiopia.Dr. Tamirat Bekele; Dr. Zemede Asfaw; Hadera, Gebremedhin