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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2010Allelopathic Effects of the Invasive Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC. on Selected Native Plant Species at Middle Awash, Southern Afar Rift of Ethiopia.Prof. Sebsebe Demissew; Dr. Tadesse Woldemariam; Samuel, Getachew
Jul-2010Diversity of Vascular Epiphytes along Disturbance Gradient in Yayu Forest, Southwest Oromia, EthiopiaProf. Sileshi Nemomissa; Dr. Tadesse Woldemariam; Abuna, Tafa Etisa
7-Sep-2006Regeneration of Indigenous Woody Plants, Status of Soil Fertility and Quality of Coffee Found in an Eucalyptus Grandis Plantation and the Adjecent Natural Forest in Southwestern EthiopiaDr. Tadesse Woldemariam; Shiferaw, Alem
Dec-2008Remote Sensing and GIS Assisted Participatory Biosphere Reserve Zoning for Wild Coffee ConservationDr. Tadesse Woldemariam; Dr. Bedru Sherefa; Getaneh, Fite
4-Sep-2006Study of Woody Species Diversity and Socio-Economic Importance of Boke Salt House, a Volcanic Crater Lake, in Semi-Arid Drylands of Borana, Southern EthiopiaDr. Sileshi Nemomissa; Dr. Tadesse Woldemariam; Teshome, Takele
7-Sep-2007Woody Species Composition of Dilfaqar Regional Park and its Socioeconomic ImportanceDr. Tadesse Woldemariam; Dereje, Mekonnen