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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Assessement and Comparison of Some Selected Physical Fitness Level of Physical Education Versus Aesthetics Students in Arbaminch College of Teachers' EducationDr. Solomon Teka; Mena, Mezgebe
Aug-2013Assessment of an implementation and managing arrangement of the current status of women foot ball project team in Awi zoneDr. Solomon Teka; ASSEFFA, WORKIE
Aug-2013Assessment of an Implementation and Managing Arrengment of the Current Status of Women Foot Ball Project Team in Awi ZoneDr. Solomon Teka; Asseffa, Workie
Apr-2014An Assessment on Challenges of Effective Active LearningDr. Solomon Teka; Girma, Addisalem
May-2014The Attitude of Students Toward Learning Physical Education in Some Selected Secondary Schools of Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teka; Yimer, Endris
Jun-2013Attitudes on the Correlation of the Academic Achievement and Physical ProficiencyDr. Solomon Teka; Kibruyisfa, Berihun
May-2014The Cause and Effects of Unethical Behavior and Violence of Fans the Case of Football Premier League Clubs of Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teka; Kifle, Tatek
Sep-2012Challenge and Prospects of Short Distance Runners in the Case of three Selected Addis Ababa First Division Athletics ClubsDr. Solomon Teka; Berehanu, Habtemarime
Sep-2012The Contribution of Physical Education to Students Physical Fitness, Health and Academic Achievement in Some Selected Secondary School in North Shoa ZoneDr. Solomon Teka; G/Silassie, Andualem
Aug-2012Factors Affecting and Challenges of Long Jump Performance in Some Selected first Division Athletics Clubs of Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teka; Minassie, Fanuel
Aug-2014Factors that Affect the Participation of Female Students in Physical Education Class in East Belesa WoredaDr. Solomon Teka; Tesfa, Henok
Mar-2014Factors that Hinder the Effectiveness of Football ClubsDr. Solomon Teka; Gizaw, Asmara
Aug-2006The Impact of Physical Fitness Training on Health Related Fitness TraineesDr. Solomon Teka; Ayalew, Alemayehu
Oct-2012The Impact of Sport for all Programs and its Implementation in Gambella Administrative TownDr. Solomon Teka; Wudye, Achenef
Aug-2014Investigating Factors that Affect the Development of Handball SportDr. Solomon Teka; Fekadu, Demerachew
Aug-2014Major Factors that Affect Female Students Participation in Teaching Handball in Case of Degollo Preparatory and Secondary School in Jama WoredaDr. Solomon Teka; Kassahun, Yonas
Aug-2014The Practice and Challenges of Handball Instruction in Some Selected Government Preparatory Schools of Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teka; Alemu, Tesfaye
Aug-2014The Practice and Challenges of Handball Instruction in Some Selected Government Preparatory Schools of Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teka; Tesfaye, Alemu
Aug-2014Practice and Challenges of Talent Identification of Handball PlayersDr. Solomon Teka; Mekashaw, Zemedkun