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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Amharic Question Answering for list questionsDr. Solomon Teferra; Eshetu, Brook
Jun-2015Assessment and Improvement of Quality of Medical Laboratory Commodity Logistics Management Information Systems in Saint Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical CollegeDr. Mulugeta Betre; Dr. Solomon Teferra; Bilal, Muhe
Oct-2016Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagger for Tigrigna Language using Hybrid ApproachDr. Solomon Teferra; Atsbaha, Mulugeta
Jan-2016Developing Knowledge Based System for Premedical Triage Using Fuzzy Inference Rule Based ApproachDr. Solomon Teferra; Dagnachew, Mulatu
Oct-2016Development of Part of Speech Tagger using Hybrid ApproachDr. Solomon Teferra; Emiru, Getachew
Nov-2015E-Learning Material Recommender System using Learner Interest ModelingDr. Solomon Teferra; Tamirat, Sisay
Jul-2014Evidence Based Decision Making to the Continuous Quality Improvement of Labour and Delivery Services in Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical CollegeDr. Solomon Teferra; Dr. Mulugeta Betre; W/Amanuel, Solomon
Jun-2014Factoid Question Answering for Afaan OromoDr. Solomon Teferra; Abdisa, Kasahun
Jun-2017Factors Affecting the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at Commercial Bank of EthiopiaDr. Solomon Teferra; Ahmed, Foziya
Jun-2014Integrating Closed Domain Amharic INTO Multi-Lingual Translation Grammatical FrameworkDr. Solomon Teferra; Woubshet, Nebyou
Jun-2013A Named Entity Recognition for AmharicDr. Solomon Teferra; Alemu, Besufikad
Jun-2013Practices and Barriers on Deployment of Electronic Medical Record (Smart Care) in Addis Ababa City Administration Hospitals, Addis Ababa, EthiopiaDr. Abera Kumie; Dr. Solomon Teferra; Shamil, Kamil
Oct-2015Predicting the Market Status of Coffee, Pea Beans and SesameDr. Solomon Teferra; Tewabe, Worku
Jun-2014A Probabilistic Information Retrieval System for TigrinyaDr. Solomon Teferra; Luel, Atalay
Jun-2013Prospects of Mhealth on Improving Non Communicable Chronic Disease Management in Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teferra; Dr. Mesfin Addise; Lulie, Gashaw
Jun-2012A Semi- Supervised Approach for Amharic News ClassificationDr. Solomon Teferra; Belay, Animut
Mar-2013Speaker Independent, Continuous Speech Recognizer For Kafi NoonooDr. Solomon Teferra; Dr. Binyam Sisay; Zelalem, Asfaw
Jun-2017Syllable-Based Amharic Speech Synthesis (TTS) Using HmmDr. Solomon Teferra; Demessie, Bahiru
Jun-2016Utilization of ICT in Microfinance Institutions in EthiopiaDr. Solomon Teferra; Abayneh, Abraham
Jun-2013Utilization of Telemedicine in Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Dr. Solomon Teferra; Dr. Abera Kumie; Tamiru, Belay