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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2007Ab Initio Calculation of Optical Absorption and Optical Gap of Silicon NanocrystallitesDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Derese, Gugsa
9-Nov-2007Absorption Coefficient and Dielectric Function of Direct Band Gap Silicon NanocrystallitesDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Hagos, Gebrehiwet
Mar-2010First principles Study of Lanthanum Manganite (Lamno3)Dr. S. K. Ghoshal; Bayileyegn, Akanie
Jun-2009Models for Investigation of Electroluminescence from Silicon and Germanium NanostructuresDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Getnet, Melese
3-Jun-2010Nanophotonics for 21st Century : From Fabrication to ApplicationDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Seyfan, Kelil
Mar-2010An Overview of Silicon NanosystemsDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Zelalem, Alemayehu
Jun-2009A Phenomenological Model to Investigate Excitonic Effects on Photoluminescence Intensity of NanosiliconDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Shiferaw, Tesfaye
26-Dec-2007Photoluminescence Mechanism in Silicon NanostructureDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Gezahegn, Assefa
3-Mar-2010Photonic Crystal: Principles and Aplications in NanophotonicsDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Dawit, Assefa
6-Sep-2006Silicon NanostructuresDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Tadesse, Tenaw
2-Jun-2010Study of Emission of Light from Nanoporous Silicon Quantum DotDr. S. K. Ghoshal; Adem, Beriso