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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Application of Case Based Recommender System in the Tourism Sector for the Selection of Tourist Attraction Areas in EthiopiaDr. Rahel Bekele; Anteneh, Tamir
Jan-2009Application of Data Mining Technology to Support the Prioritization of Dangerous Crash Locations the Case of Addis Ababa Traffic OfficeDr. Rahel Bekele; Kiflu, Haleluya
Jan-2009Application of Multilayer Feed Forward Artificial Neural Network Perceptron in Prediction of Court Case’s Time SpanDr. Rahel Bekele; Yehenew Shiferaw; Mesfin, Eskinder
Jun-2016Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge Management System (AKMS)Dr. Rahel Bekele; Temesgen, Gebeyehu
Jan-2009Bayesian Approach for Analysis of Road Traffic AccidentDr. Rahel Bekele; Tabor, Alemayehu
Jan-2009Bayesian Network for Modeling Determinant Factors Influencing Offenders to Commit Crime (The Case of Addis Ababa Police Commission)Dr. Rahel Bekele; Abrar, Mohammed
Jun-2013Building Digital Libraries in Academic Libraries of the Ethiopian Higher Education InstitutionsDr. Rahel Bekele; Adane, Kibreab
Jul-2011The Challenges and Current Status of Elearning In Ethiopian Higher Education InstitutionsDr. Rahel Bekele; Berhe, Hirut
May-2014Challenges and Solutions of Smart Care Electronic Medical Record Implementation in Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital Laboratory Department in HararDr. Rahel Bekele; Dr. Jemal Haidar; Berhanie, Daniel
Sep-2013Challenges Associated With Physicians’ Acceptance and Usage of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in Public Hospitals of Addis Ababa.Dr. Rahel Bekele; Dr. Mesfin Addise; G/Egziabher, Yosef
Aug-2015Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing among Multicultural TeamsDr. Rahel Bekele; Assefa, Tadiwos
Jun-2014Collaboration for Knowledge Sharing Among A.A TVET CollegesDr. Rahel Bekele; Fantaye, Biruk
Jun-2017Design and Development of Web Based Maternal and Child Nutrition Information SystemDr. Rahel Bekele; Dr. Robel Yirgu; Habtamu, Tigist
Jun-2017Designing Information Support System for Maternal and Child Health CareDr. Rahel Bekele; Dr. Robel Yirgu; Bogale, Addisalem
Jul-2009Designing Paediatricians Communities of PracticeDr. Rahel Bekele; Regassa, Abebe
Jun-2011Evaluating the Magnitude and Determinants of Tv, Radio & Mobile Phone Technologies Assisted Family Planning Counseling in Addis Ababa.Dr. Rahel Bekele; Wubegzier Mekonnen; Melkamu, Deressa
Jun-2016Exploration Study and Design of a Technology Platform for Knowledge Sharing Among Health Professionals to Improve Maternal and Child HealthcareDr. Rahel Bekele; Abiy Seifu; Obsa, Amente
Oct-2016Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing for Entrepreneurial DevelopmentDr. Elizabeth Ayalew; Dr. Rahel Bekele; Bekele, Yared
May-2013Knowledge Management Maturity Assessment in Development Aid Organizations in EthiopiaDr. Rahel Bekele; Ayalew, Hermella
Jun-2015Knowledge Management Maturity at Ethiopian AirlinesDr. Rahel Bekele; Abera, Seble