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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-May-2003Blowtorch Effect on the Escape and Equilibration Rates for the Hopping ModelDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Tefera, Melaku
Apr-2011Bragg-Williams Model of Ordered B2, L12 AND L10 Type Binary Intermetallic Compounds Containing Point DefectsDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Daniel, G.Egziabher
3-May-2010Cellular Automata Techniques: an Approach to Model and Simulate Brownian Particles DiffusionDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Birhanu, Abera Kibret
Jun-2005Coherence and Non Equilibrium Steady State of a Simple Brownian Heat EngineDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Regassa, Belete
6-Sep-2006Comparison of Escape Rates for a Vacancy Diffusion Through One Jump and Six Jump Cycles in Well Ordered Binary AlloysDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Alemayehu, Kasahun
6-Sep-2006Converting Non Homogeneous System to Homogeneous System and Determination of Thermodynamic QuantitiesDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Fikadu, Legesse
6-Sep-2006Determination of Mean First Passage Time for a Vacancy Diffusing in Ordered Binary AlloyDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Zerihun, Getahun
Dec-2012Determination of the Mean First Passage Time of a Vacancy in NiAl Binary Alloy by Analytical And Adib’s Simulation Algorithm and Finding its Diffusion CoefficientDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Wassie, Aman
6-Sep-2007Determination of Transfer Coefficient through Mean Exit Time Method for Model PotentialsDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Dawit, Solomon
Jun-2001Diffusion Time for a Vacancy to Diffuse From One Stable State to the Next within a SublatticeDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Wassie, Aman
6-Dec-2007The Dynamics of a Brownian Particle in a Hookean Type Potential and its Effective Diffusion Coefficient in a Ratchet PotentialDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Yigezu, Mulugeta
Jun-2001Effect of an Intermediate Metastable State on the Escape Rate of a Brownian ParticleDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Shewamare, Sisay
Jun-2000Effect of Local Heating on Escape and Equilibration Rates in a Bistable PotentialDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Fekade, Solomon
Jun-2011Effective Vacancy Diffusion in NiAl Binary AlloyDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Yoseph, Abebe
Jan-2011Effects of Carbon Content in Ferrite and Martensite on Lattice Parameter and Its Diffusion Process (Computer Simulation)Dr. Mulugeta Bekele; Yilma, Mengistu
4-May-2010Efficiency at Maximum Power and Optimized Efficiency: an Information Theory ApproachDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Solomon, Worku
Nov-2011The Efficiency of a Simple Quantum Heat EngineDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Warga, Chegeno
6-Sep-2006Energetics, Maximum Power and Maximum Efficiency Regimes of a Microscopic Heat EngineDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Demmelash, Hailu
Jun-2005Fluctuation-Driven Transport of Molecules in an Asymmetric Membrane ChannelDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Dinkayehu, Alemayehu
Jul-2005Lattice Model of Brownain MotorDr. Mulugeta Bekele; Getahun, Balew