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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2012Afaan Oromo Text Retrieval SystemDr. Million Meshesha; Gezehagn, Gutema
Jul-2009Amharic Document Image Retrieval without Explicit RecognitionDr. Million Meshesha; Dr. Diana Inkpen; Worku, Mesfin
Sep-2014Analysis of Knowledge Management Need as a Baseline for Knowledge Management System Implementation StrategyDr. Million Meshesha; Dr. Ababi Zergaw; Tadesse, Fisseha
Jan-2010Application of Case Based Reasoning in Legal Knowledge Based SystemDr. Million Meshesha; Hailemariam, Yemisrach
Jun-2012Application of Data Mining for Predicting Adult MortalityDr. Alemayehu Worku; Dr. Million Meshesha; Hailemariam, Tesfahun
Aug-2009Application of Data Mining Techniques for Effective Customer Relationship Management of MicrofinancesDr. Million Meshesha; Dibaba, Wakgari
Oct-2013Application of Data Mining Techniques to Predict Antiretroviral Therapy Initation Time the Case of Adama and Ambo Hospitals, Oromia Regional StateProf. Ahmed Ali; Dr. Million Meshesha; Dejene, Getachew
Jul-2011Application of Data Mining Technology in Predicting the Seroprevalence of HBV,HCV,HIV; The Case of The National Blood Bank of Addis Ababa,EthiopiaDr. Million Meshesha; Wubegziabher Mekonen; Haftom, Gebregziabher
Jun-2012Application of Data Mining to Predict the Likelihood of Contraceptive Method Use among Women Aged 15‐49Dr. Million Meshesha; Dr. Wubegzier Mekonnen; Gebregiorgis, Abraham
Apr-2009Application of Knowledge Based System for Woody Plant Species IdentificationDr. Million Meshesha; Alemu, Dejen
Sep-2009Automatic Amharic Text News ClassificationDr. Million Meshesha; Kelemework, Worku
Jul-2009Automatic Thesaurus Construction for Amharic Text RetrievalDr. Million Meshesha; Mekonnen, Andargachew
27-Jun-2016Big Data Processing and Visualization in the Context of Unstructured Data SetDr. Million Meshesha; Temesgen, Desalegn
Jun-2016A Combined Reasoning System for Knowledge Based Network Intrusion DetectionDr. Million Meshesha; Assefa, Meseret
May-2016Customization of Dspace for Managing Multimedia Institutional RepositoryDr. Million Meshesha; Yonas, Amsalu
Jul-2017Design of a Drug Information Management SystemDr. Million Meshesha; Dr. Nigussie Deyessa; Tesfaye, Micheal
Sep-2009Designing a Knowledgebase System for Vat AdministrationDr. Million Meshesha; Kidane, Desalegn
Jul-2011Designing a Predictive Model for Heart Disease Detection Using Data Mining TechniquesDr. Million Meshesha; Adamu Addissie; Damtew, Abel
Jun-2016Designing a Web Based Tele-Radiology Management SystemDr. Million Meshesha; Dr. Ababi Zergaw; Desta, Worku
Jun-2017Developing a Predictive Model for Pre- Diabetes Screening By Using Data Mining TechnologyDr. Million Meshesha; Dr. Assefa Seme; Zerihun, Bezahegn