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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2012Afan Oromo news text summarizerDr. Martha Yifiru; Debele, Girma
Aug-2014Amharic Named Entity Recognition Using a Hybrid ApproachDr. Martha Yifiru; Tadele, Mikiyas
Jun-2014Application of Case-Based Reasoning in Legal Case ManagementDr. Martha Yifiru; Alem, Abebaw
Jun-2016Application of Data Mining Technology for Credit Risk Assessment in Addis Credit and Saving InstitutionDr. Martha Yifiru; Worku, Sara
May-2014Assessment of Current Paper Based Medical Record System at Multi- Drug Resistance Tuberculosis Department in Saint Peter Hospital for Introducing Electronic Medical Record SystemDr. Martha Yifiru; Dr. Assefa Seme; Melaku, Zenebech
May-2017Assessment of ERP Software Utilization in Ethiopia Construction Design and Supervision Works CorporationDr. Martha Yifiru; W/Mariam, Netsanet
Jun-2013Automatic Summarization for Amharic Text Using Open Text SummarizerDr. Martha Yifiru; Ashagre, Addis
Jun-2014Automating an Integrated Management of Newborn and Childhood Illness (e-IMNCI): Optimize real-time clinical decision support systemDr. Martha Yifiru; Dr. Ayele Belachew; Mustefa, Tuha
Jun-2017Bidirectional Tigrigna – English Statistical Machine TranslationDr. Martha Yifiru; Hailegebreal, Mulubrhan
May-2013Constructing a Predictive Model for Occurrence of TuberculosisDr. Martha Yifiru; Mulugeta Betre; Mulugeta, Teketel
Oct-2015Definition Question Answering System for Afan Oromo LanguageDr. Martha Yifiru; Hundessa, Dejene
Jun-2017Designing a Web Based Nursing Care Process Information System for HospitalsDr. Martha Yifiru; Dr. Ababi Zergaw; Abdulkadir, Zehara
Jun-2013Designing Amharic Definitive Question AnsweringDr. Martha Yifiru; Teshome, Wondwossen
Jun-2012Designinig a Stemming Algorithm for Silt’e LanguageDr. Martha Yifiru; Kedir, Muzeyn
Jun-2014English -Tigrigna Factored Statistical Machine TranslationDr. Martha Yifiru; Tsegaye, Tariku
Jun-2013Predicting the Status of Anaemia in Women Aged 15-49 by Applying Data Mining Techniques Using the 2011 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS) DatasetsDr. Martha Yifiru; Prof. Ahmed Ali; Setotaw, Getachew
Jun-2013Predicting Under Nutrition Status of Under-Five Children Using Data Mining TechniquesDr. Martha Yifiru; Dr. Jemal Haidar; Markos, Zenebe
Mar-2015Query-based Automatic Summarizer for Afaan Oromo TextDr. Martha Yifiru; Bayisa, Asefa
Mar-2015Spontaneous Speech Recognition for Amharic Using HMMDr. Martha Yifiru; Deksiso, Adugna