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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Agricultural Drought Assessment Using Remote Sensing and GIS TechniquesDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Gizachew, Legesse
Jul-2009Analysis and Mapping of Soil Salinity levels in Metehara Sugarcane Estate Irrigation Farm using Different ModelsDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Afework, Mekeberiaw
Jun-2011Analysis of Urban Growth and Sprawl Mapping Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (Case Study of Debre Birhan Town)Dr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Zewdu, Alebachew
15-Dec-2008Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Groundwater Potential Zone Mapping in Northern Ada'a Plain (Modjo Catchment)Dr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Sisay, Libasse
1-Jun-2016Assessing the Impact of Watershed Development Programs on Soil Erosion and Biomass Production Using Remote Sensing and GIS: The Case of Yezat Watershed, West Gojam Zone of Amhara Region, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Dr. Sridhar Gummadi; Lemlem, Tadesse
Jun-2016Assessing the Impacts of Urban Green Areas on Mitigating Urban Heat Island EffectDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Dr. B. Satishkumar; Warkaye, Samson
Mar-2012Assessment of Urban Expansion in the Case of Dukem Town Using Remote Sensing and GIS TechniquesDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Abebe, Ambaye
Jun-2009Assessments of Forest Cover Change Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: Case Study in Adaba-Dodola Forest Priority Area, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Meseret, Mideksa
Jun-2010Comparative Analysis of Climate Variability and Impacts in Central Rift Valley and Adjacent Arsi Highlands Using GIS and Remote SensingDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Getnet, Feyissa
Jun-2009A Comparison of Expert Systems and Weighted Overlay Analysis for Military PlanningDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Gebreslasie, Gebremedhin
Jun-2017Developing Flood Hazard Forecasting and Early Warning System in Dire Dawa, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Dr. Dessie Nedaw; Abebe, Mezgebedingil
Jun-2010Drought Risk Assessment Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study in Southern Zones, Tigray Region, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Legesse, Hadish
Jun-2010Eeospatial Approach for Ecotourism Development: A Case of Bale Mountains National Park, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Kebede, Tewodros
Jun-2010Environmental Impact Monitoring for Gilgel Gibe I Dam Using an Integrated Metheds of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS)Dr. Mohammed Umer; Dr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Bahiru, Girma
Jul-2008Forest Cover Change Detection and Fire Risk Susceptibility Mapping Using GIS and Remote Sensing: Case of Goba WoredaDr. Sileshi Nemomissa; Dr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Genanaw, Alemu
Jun-2017Forest Degradation Monitoring and Assessment of Biomass in Harenna Buluk Woreda, Bale Zone, Ethiopia, Using Remote Sensing And GIS TechniquesDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Shiferaw, Dinku
Jun-2010Geomorphological Mapping in the Upstreams of Muger River, Using Geospatial ToolsDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Yafet, Birhanu
Mar-2012GIS and Remote Sensing Based Fertilizer Suitability Mapping for Wheat Triticum Aestivum) at Lume Micro Watershed, Central EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Hunduma, Tadesse
Mar-2011GIS and Remote Sensing Based Malaria Risk Mapping In Fentale Woreda, East Shoa Zone, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Alemayehu, Lemessa
Jan-2011GIS and Remote Sensing Based Solid Waste Landfill Site Selection: A Case of Addis Ababa City, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Dr. Mekuria Argaw; Gizachew, Kabite