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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2008Analysis of Land and Vegetation Cover Dynamics Using Remote Sensing & GIS Techiniques, A Case Study of Nechisar National ParkProf. Zerihun Woldu; Dr. K.S.R Murthy; Asaye, Nigussie
1-Oct-2007Application of Remote Sensing for Delineation of Drought Vulnerable Areas in Amhara RegionDr. K.S.R Murthy; Amare, Degefaw
15-Nov-2007Assessment of Land Degradation Using GIS Based Model and Remote Sensing In Bishan Guracha-Adilo Subcatchments, Southern EthiopiaDr. K.S.R Murthy; Tsegaye, Birkneh
Jul-2007Assessment of Land Use Land Cover Dynamics at Bale Mountains National Park Using GIS and Remote SensingDr. K.S.R Murthy; Alem, Wallelign
2006Earthquake Hazard Assessment with the Help of Remote Sensing and GIS TechniquesDr. Syed Ahmad Ali; Dr. K.S.R Murthy; Habtom, Gebremedhin
1-Oct-2007Flood Hazard Assessment Using GIS in Bacho Plain, Upper Awash Valley, Southwest of Addis AbabaDr. K.S.R Murthy; Abebe, Feyissa
Mar-2007Forest Cover Change and Susceptibility to Forest Degradation Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case of Dendi District, West Central EthiopiaDr. K.S.R Murthy; Berhan, Gessesse
21-Nov-2007GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection and Land Degeradation: In Area between Harar and Dire Dawa, Eastern EthiopiaDr. Seid Ahemed Ali; Dr. K.S.R Murthy; Derege, Tsegaye
1-Oct-2007GIS and Remote Sensing Integraterd Malria Risk Mapping in Dembia Woreda, Northern EthiopiaDr. K.S.R Murthy; Daniel Alemayhu; Ahmed, Seid
26-Dec-2007Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for Groundwater Resources Assessment in Moyale-Teltele Sub Basin, South EthiopiaDr. K.S.R Murthy; Abiy, Getachew
26-Dec-2007Soil Erosion and Runoff Modeling using GIS, Remote sensing and SWAT model for Keleta Watershed, EthiopiaDr. K.S.R Murthy; Degefie, Tibebe