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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2006Abundance, Composition and Habit Association of Rodents in Wonji Sugarcane Area, EthiopiaProf. Afework Bekele; Dr. Gurja Belay; Takele, Serekebirhan
Jul-2016Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Arsi zone, Oromia Region, EthiopiaDr. Gurja Belay; Kibebe, Tsegaye
Aug-2016Basic knowledge of Adolescents on Sex, Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive HealthDr. Gurja Belay; Sileshi, Gule
31-Aug-2007Diversity, Distribution and Relative Abundance of the Avian Fauna of Chebera Churchura National Park, EthiopiaDr. Gurja Belay; Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Dr. Solomon Yirga; Dr. Asefa Mebrate; Dereje, W/Yohannes
Aug-2017The Knowledge of Preparatory School Students on Medicinal PlantsDr. Gurja Belay; Dinku, Tadele
May-2016Population Status, Demography and Time Budget of the African Buffalo (Syncerus Caffer Sparrman, 1779) and Anthropogenic Impacts in Chebera Churchura National Park, EthiopiaProf. M. Balakrishnan; Dr. Gurja Belay; Aberham, Megaze
Jul-2009Population Status, Distribution and Behavioural Ecology of the Gelada Baboon (Theropithecus Gelada) and Conflicts with Humans in Wonchit Valley, EthiopiaProf. Afework Bekele; Dr. Gurja Belay; Kifle, Zewdu
Jul-2009Population Status, Distribution and Ecology of Gelada Baboon (Theropithecus Gelada) in Azwa and Arego, South Wollo, Dessie, EthiopiaDr. Gurja Belay; Prof. Afework Bekele; Yonatan, Ayalew
Aug-2017Prevalence of HIV and Level of Awareness in Four Different Districts of Dembecha Woreda, West Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, EthiopiaDr. Gurja Belay; Bimerew, Getachew
1-Jul-2007Studies on Salivary Gland Hyperplasia Virus (SGHV) Transmission in Glossina Pallidipes Colony using Conventional and Molecular TechniquesMrs. Adey Feleke; Dr. Gurja Belay; Kiflom, Musie
Sep-2016Study of the Allelic Variants of Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Using PCR-RFLP in the Oromia, Gambella and Benishangul Gumuz Regions of EthiopiaDr. Gurja Belay; Wendimagegn, Tsegaye
Sep-2016Survey and Identification of Traditional Medicinal Plants in Arsi Zone, Sude Woreda, EthiopiaDr. Gurja Belay; Zewdinesh, Demisie