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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Drought Variability and its Mechanisms Over Ethiopia Using Observational Data Analysis and Regional Climate Model ExperimentsDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Terefe Zeleke, Tadesse
Nov-2007Chemical Composition and Air Trajectory Analyses of Atmospheric Pollutants from Precipitation Samples in Addis AbabaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Haileselassie, GebreMariam
Nov-2014Determination of Atmospheric Water Vapor Isotopic Composition Using Multi-Platform Instruments and Models over Ethiopia: Implications for Water Cycle.Dr. Gizaw Mengistu; Takele Kenea, Samuel
Nov-2009Energy Production from Coffee HuskDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Debela, Biru
9-Nov-2007Impact Assessment of Uncertainty of Spectroscopic Parameters on the Accuracy of Trace Gases AbundanceDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Samuel, Takele
Jun-2011Improved Convective Parametrization for Precipitation Modeling Over the Horn of AfricaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Temesgen, Gebremariam
Jun-2012The Influence of Regcm4 Lateral Boundary Schemes on East African RainfallDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Tamene, Mekonnen
Nov-2014Large Scale Influences on Interannual Variability, Physical Mechanisms, Potential Predictability and Prediction of Short Rains over East AfricaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Kassa, Titike
Feb-2009Methane VMR and Climatology of Aerosols Over Tropical Latitudes from Remote SoundersDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Wondimu, Alemu
11-Oct-2007Modeling Interaction of Radiation with Aerosols Using Mie Scattering Formulation and Retrieval of Aerosol Size ParametersDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Birhanu, Asmerom
Jun-2013A Modified Shao-C Tropospheric Delay Correction Model for EthiopiaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Getachew, Yohannes
Jun-2013A Modified Shao-C Tropospheric Delay Correction Model for EthiopiaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Getachew, Yohannes
Jun-2009A Numerical Model Simulation of Atmospheric Air Motion in Shallow Water DomainDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Salle, Shore
Jun-2011Observation and Validation of Methane from FT-IR over Addis AbabaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Endale, Gemechu
Jun-2011Observation and Validation of No and No2 from FTIR Over Addis AbabaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Friewelega, Geleta
Jul-2010Observation of Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide by Ground-Based FTIR Spectrometer over Addis Ababa EthiopiaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Gezahegn, Sufa
Jul-2011Ozone Dynamics and Seasonal Variability Over AfricaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Kassahun, Ture
6-Jul-2010Prediction of Wheat Yield by Generallarge Area Model for Annual Crops as Driven by Regional Climate Model and Observational DataDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Jemal A.
Mar-2009Retrival of Atmosph Eric Aerosol Optical and Microphysical Parameters from Ground Base Passive Remote Sensing Measurement over Addis AbabaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Melaku, Tesfaye
Jun-2011The Role of Moisture Scheme in Regional Climate Modelling of Precipitation over the Horn of AfricaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Abebe, Kebede