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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-20163D Modelling for Urban Cadasteral Registration, Management and Administration; the Case of Bahir Dar Town EthiopiaDr. Getachew Berhan; Hamid, Ahmed
Dec-2016Assessment of Biodiversity Conservation of Entoto Natural Park for Ecotourism DevelopmentDr. Getachew Berhan; Demeke, Asfaw
9-Jun-2014Asssessing ground water quality of Addis Ababa city by using Geographical Information SystemDr. Getachew Berhan; Aderaw, Tsegaye
May-2016Evaluation of Remote Sensing Based Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) Algorithm for Estimation of Evapotranspiration in Eastern EthiopiaDr. Getachew Berhan; Dr. Dessie Nedaw; Workineh, Getachew
Jun-2016Forest Fire Risk Zone Modeling and Mapping in Bale Mountains National Park (Bmnp), Oromia, Ethiopia.Dr. Getachew Berhan; Tafesse, Megersa
Nov-2016GIS and Remote Sensing Based Suitable Site Selection for Solid Waste DisposalDr. Getachew Berhan; Dr. Mekuria Argaw; Ali, Aden
May-2014Impact of Land Use Land Cover Change on Soil Erosion RiskDr. Getachew Berhan; Dr. Mekuria Argaw; Nigatu, Aklile
Jun-2016Mapping Agricultural Drought and its Coping Strategies Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in East Shewa Zone, Central Rift Valley Region of EthiopiaDr. Getachew Berhan; Prof. Woldeamlak Beweket; Hundera, Hurgesa
Jan-2017Remote Sensing and GIS Based Characterization of Agriculturral Drought Conditions in North Wollo Zone, Amhara Regional State, EthiopiaDr. Getachew Berhan; Gebre, Eshetu