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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2007Characterization of Alternating Polyfluorene Green-6 And [6,6]-Phenyl C61-Butyric Acid Methyl Ester(Pcbm) Based Bulk Heterojunction Solar CellDr. Genene Tessema; Tesfaye, Mamuye
5-Dec-2007Intensity Dependence of the Photovoltaic Parameters of Organic Bulk-Heterojunction Solar CellDr. Genene Tessema; Bereket, Gebre
1-Jan-2005Junction Studies Between Aluminum and Polymer, Poly[2-Methoxy-5-(30,70- Dimethyloctyloxy)-1, 4-Phenylene Vinylene], Mdmo-Ppv and Mdmo-Ppv Blended with C60Dr. Genene Tessema; Zelalem, Nigussa
11-Oct-2007Photovoltaic and Charge Carrier Transport Parameters of PTOPTDr. Genene Tessema; Bizuneh, G/michael
9-Nov-2007Photovoltaic Properties of Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cell by Enhancing Absorption Band in Polyfulorene Copolymer BlendDr. Genene Tessema; Solomon, Ashagre
6-Sep-2006Photovoltaic Properties of Polymer Based Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell Composed of Poly [3-(2,5-Dioctyle-Pheneyl) Thiophene](PDOPT) and (PCBM)Dr. Genene Tessema; Tizazu, Masresha
Dec-2007The Study of Porphyrins Confinement In Nafion membrane And Photovoltaic Properties of a Bulk Heterojunction Solar CellDr. Genene Tessema; Girma, Hailu
Jun-2005Temperature- Dependent Hyperfine Interaction at the 111Cd Nucleus in SiliconDr. Genene Tessema; Senbeta, Teshome
9-Nov-2007Variation of the 111 CD - P Population in Silicon with Annealing TemperatureDr. Genene Tessema; Temesgen, Yirdaw