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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2006Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Diversity of Coffee and Shade Trees of Bonga Forest, South Western EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Tadesse, Chanie
21-Sep-2007Assessment of Biological Integrity Using Physico-Chemical Parameters and Macroinvertebrate Community Index along Sebeta River, EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Seyoum Mengistou; Admasu, Tassew
Jun-1999Bacterial Wilt (Ralstona (Pseudomonas) Solanacearum) of Potato in South and Central EthiopiaDr. Dereje Ashager; Prof. Endashaw Bekele; Dr. Fassil Assefa; Abebe, Ketema
Jun-1996Calorimetric Investigation of the Action of Propolis on Bacterial Growth and MetabolismDr. Fassil Assefa; Garedew, Assegid
Jun-2017Competitiveness and Symbiotic Effectiveness of Rhizobial Inoculants on Field Pea (Pisum Sativum) Under Greenhouse and Field ConditionsDr. Fassil Assefa; Mekonnen, Asrat
31-Aug-2006Diversity of Arabica Coffee Populations in Afromontane Rainforests of Ethiopia in Relation to Colletotrichum Kahawae and Gibberella Xylarioides.Dr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Girma Adugna; Arega, Zeru
Feb-2012The Effect of Storage Temperature and Time on Bacteriological Load and Physicochemical Quality of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fillet from Lake Tana, EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Tizazu, Yitayew
May-2015Effects of Land Use Changes on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Abundance and Diversity in Selected Agro-Ecological Zones of Ethiopia: Implications for Sustainable Agro-EcosystemsDr. Fassil Assefa; Belay, Zerihun
10-Apr-2010Ethanolic Extracts of Warburgia Ugandensis against Some Test MicroorganismsDr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Sisay Feleke; Solomon, Mekonnen
Oct-2011Evaluation of Antagonstic Effect of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Ergo Against Selected Foodborne Pathogens Inoculated In To AyibDr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Anteneh Tesfaye; Jermen, Mamo
27-Nov-2010Evaluation of Biological Control Agents against Bacterial WiltDr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Tesfaye Alemu; Abayneh, Tunasha Banata
May-2015Evaluation of Compost Stability and Maturity of Floriculture Solid Waste in a Windrow SystemDr. Fassil Assefa; Abebe, Sisay
Jul-2005Evaluation of Isolates of Pseudomonas Fluorescens as Biocontrol Agent against Potato Bacterial Wilt Caused by Ralstonia (Pseudomonas) SolanacearumDr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Yaynu Hiskias; Kurabachew, Henok
Aug-2016Evaluation of Millenium Development Goal for Control of Tuberculosis (Tb) in Nekemte Town (2010/11– 2014/15)Dr. Fassil Assefa; Ajema, Lechissa
Jul-2005Evaluation of Nitrogen Removal Rates from Abattoir Wastewater in a Pilot Predenitrification-Nitrification Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment PlantDr. Fassil Assefa; Woldesenbet, Fantahun
Jun-2017Genetic Diversity of Rhizobia and Rhizobacteria from Soybean [Glycine Max (L) Merr.]Dr. Fassil Assefa; Temesgen, Diriba
Aug-2017Impacts of HIV Co-Infection and MDR-TB on the Treatment Outcome of Tuberculosis in Patients Who Attended the two Shambu Health Centers in 2010- 2015Dr. Fassil Assefa; Worku, Feyera
Apr-1999Isolation and Characterization of Phosphate Solubliizing Bacteria from Some Ethiopian Soils and their Effect on the Growth of Faba Bean (Vicia Faba L.)Dr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Asfaw Hailemariam; Haile, Wassie
Oct-2011Isolation and Screening of Antibiotic Producing Actinomycetes from SoilDr. Fassil Assefa; Atsede, Muleta
Nov-2013Microbial Diversity and Molecular Biomonitoring for Efficient Treatment of Tannery WastewaterDr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Seyouni Leta; Feleke, Adey