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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Apr-2003Biological and Ecological Studies on Acacia Drepanolobium Harms Ex Sjöstedt in Borana Zone of Oromiya Regional State, EthiopiaDr. Sileshi Nemomissa; Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Tamrat Bekele; Melesse, Maryo
3-Sep-2006Ecology and Plant Use Diversity in Sof Umer Area of Bale, Southeastern EthiopiaDr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Tamrat Bekele; Negusse, Tadesse
7-Sep-2006Environmental, Biological and Socio-economic Study on Boye and extended wetlands in Jimma Zone of Oromia National Regional State, southwest EthiopiaDr. Seyoum Mengistou; Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Hayal, Desta
Jun-2001A Floristic Analysis and Ethnobotanical Investigation-of the Awash Reverie VegetationsDr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Tamrat Bekele; Tiksahinsene, Mitiku
Jun-2005Floristic Composition and Structure of the Vegetation of Magada Forest, Borana Zone, Oromia National Regional StateDr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Tamrat Bekele; Bekele, Genene
Jun-2005The Floristic Composition of Natural Vegetation of Abaya-Hamassa Wolayta, EthiopiaDr. Tamrat Bekele; Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Chama, Eyasu
Jun-2016Impact of Climate and Land use on Plant Diversity, Carbon Storage and Leaf Area Index in the Jimma Highlands, Southwest EthiopiaDr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Denu, Dereje
Oct-2002Morphological, Agronomic and Biochemical Characterization of Trifolium Steudneri Schweinf., an Indigenous Species in EthiopiaDr. Jean Hanson; Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Ayalew, Yetneberk
1-Jul-2005A Study on the Ethnobotany of Medicinal Plants and Floristic Composition of the Dry Afromontane Forest at Bale Mountains National Park, EthiopiaDr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Tamrat Bekele; Yineger, Haile
Jul-2008A Survey of Nontimber Forest Products and their Conservation Status in the Gimbo District, SNNPR, Southwest EthiopiaDr. Tamrat Bekele; Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Fisseha Asmelash
Jun-2000A Taxonomic Study of Blepharis Edulis (Forssk.) Pers. Complex (Acanthaceae)Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Dr. Abraham Muthama; Malombe, Itambo
Jul-2001Use and Management of Traditional Medicinal Plants by Indigenous People in 'Boosat' Wereda, 'Welinciti' AreaDr. Zemede Asfaw; Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Hunde, Debela