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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2016Coherently Driven two-Level LaserDr. Deribe Hirpo; Abdulkadir, Beker
Feb-2016Dynamics of Degenerate three-Level LaserDr. Deribe Hirpo; Abebe, Tesfaye
Feb-2016The Dynamics of two-Level LaserDr. Deribe Hirpo; Wolde, Fekadu
Aug-2017Interaction of a Two Level Atom with a Squeezed Light from Parametric OscillatorsDr. Deribe Hirpo; Daniel, Kassahun
Feb-2016Review Principle and Application of LasersDr. Deribe Hirpo; Giday, Tedla
Jun-2016Single-Mode Three-Level Laser Coupled to Thermal ReservoirDr. Deribe Hirpo; Wedajo, Belay