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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2011Afaan Oromo Oromo-English Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR)Dr. Dereje Teferi; Bekele, Daniel
Jun-2013Afaan Oromo –Amharic Cross Lingual Information RetrievalDr. Dereje Teferi; Nigussie, Eyob
Jun-2011Afaan Oromo-English Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR): A Corpus Based ApproachDr. Dereje Teferi; Daniel, Bekele
Jun-2012Amharic-English Script Identification in Real-Life Document ImagesDr. Dereje Teferi; Abebayehu, Samuel
Jun-2013The Application of Data Mining In Credit Risk Assessment: The Case Of United Bank ScDr. Dereje Teferi; Tesfaye, Mengistu
Jun-2012Application of Data Mining Techniques to Discover Cause of Under-five Children Admission to Pediatric WardDr. Dereje Teferi; Dr. Assefa Seme; Dileba, Temesgen
Sep-2013Application of Data Mining Techniques to Predict Customers’churn at Commercial Bank of EthiopiaDr. Dereje Teferi; Gebremeskel, Kassahun
Jan-2013Application of Data Mining Technology to Support Fraud ProtectionDr. Dereje Teferi; Mamo, Daniel
Jun-2011Bilingual Script Identification for Optical Character Recognition of Amharic and English Printed DocumentDr. Dereje Teferi; Sertse, Abebe
May-2013A Cloud Computing Framework for Ethiopian Banking IndustryDr. Dereje Teferi; Abere, Alemayehu
Jun-2012A Cloud Computing Framework for Ethiopian Higher Education InstitutionsDr. Dereje Teferi; Sewale, Belachew
Jun-2012Constructing a Predictive Model for Determining CD4 Status of Patients Following ArtDr. Dereje Teferi; Dr. Getinet Mitike; G/Mariam, Behailu
Jun-2015Constructing Predictive Model using Data Mining Techniques in Support of Motor Insurance Policy Risk AssessmentDr. Dereje Teferi; Yihenew, Fekadu
Jun-2017Data Center Virtualization Framework in Banking SectorDr. Dereje Teferi; Worku, Getenet
Jun-2016Design and Development of a Web- Based Medical Equipment Information System for Saint. Paul HospitalDr. Dereje Teferi; Dr. Mesfin Addise; Getaneh, Tilahun
Jun-2017Designing a Knowledge Management System Framework for Knowledge SharingDr. Dereje Teferi; Birru, Eshetu
Jun-2017Developing an Interactive Voice Response System for Behavioral Change Communication in EthiopiaDr. Dereje Teferi; Dr. Eshetu Girma; Tsegaye, Abenezer
May-2013E-health Policies in the Ethiopian Policy and Strategy DocumentsDr. Dereje Teferi; Dr. Wakgari Deressa; Tezera, Robel
Oct-2014Exploring Factors That Affect the Decision to Adopt Cloud Computing Technology in Ethiopian Banking SectorDr. Dereje Teferi; Bekele, Selamawit
May-2011Face Recognition using Eigenfaces MethodDr. Dereje Teferi; Arega, Daniel