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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Association Between Participation in Sport and Academic Achievement of Preparatory Students in Adama Town, Oromiya Regional State, EthiopiaDr. Bezabih Wolde; Shewangzaw, Tsige
Jul-2013Attitudes of Teachers and Students Towards Integration of Visually Impaired StudentsDr. Bezabih Wolde; Dawit, Adem
May-2011“Challenges and Opportunities of Physical Education in Five Evangelical Theological Colleges in Addis Ababa”Dr. Bezabih Wolde; Ketsela, Seyefachew
Jun-2010Challenges and opportunities to persons with disabilities in physical education curriculum in higher education institutionsDr. Bezabih Wolde; TEKETEL, ABRHAM
Jun-2010Challenges and Opportunities to Persons with Disabilities in Physical Education Curriculum of Higher Education InstitutionsDr. Bezabih Wolde; Teketel, Abrham
Jun-2017Coaching Problem of Middle Distance Event in First Division AthleticsDr. Bezabih Wolde; Asefa, Hailegebreal
Aug-2014Community Participation in Sport Activities in Bensa Woreda, Sidama Zone, SnnprsDr. Bezabih Wolde; Tunsisa, Kinkino
Jun-2015Comparative Analysis between Project Participants and Non Participants in Some Trining Qualities of Football with Reference to Kirkos Sub-CityDr. Bezabih Wolde; Berhanu, Feleke
Jul-2017A Comparative Study of Male Gymnasium Trainees and None-Trainees of Cardiorespiratory and Muscular Endurance Fitness in Athletics of Commercial Bank of EthiopiaDr. Bezabih Wolde; Yalew, Esayas
Jun-2013Comparison of Physical Fitness Components of Rural and Urban Secondary School Female Students in Hadiya ZoneDr. Bezabih Wolde; Abate, Tesfaye
Jun-2013Comparison of physical fitness components of rural and urban secondary school female students in Hadiya zone.Dr. Bezabih Wolde; ABATE, TESFAYE
May-2012The Cultural Sports of Kafa and their Contribution to Social Interactions, Health and FitnessDr. Bezabih Wolde; Amrot, Gizaw
Aug-2012Current Condition and Future Prospect of Youth AthletesDr. Bezabih Wolde; Mohmmed, Nuru
Jun-2016Factors Affecting Middle and Long Distance RunningDr. Bezabih Wolde; Gimbo, Gizaw
Aug-2012Factors that Affect Hurdle Performance in Some Selected First Division Athletics Clubs in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaDr. Bezabih Wolde; Addis, Endris
Dec-2012Group Training in View of the Principles of Athletics TrainingDr. Bezabih Wolde; Jemal, Behailu
Jun-2013The Impacts of Khat (Chat) Among Active Sport Participants’ the Case of Kaffa Zone, Bonga Town in Some Selected Football ClubsDr. Bezabih Wolde; Abdu, Nuru
Jun-2014Implementation and challenges of Youth Soccer Project in Addis AbabaDr. Bezabih Wolde; Denboba, Zinabu
Apr-2013Implementation of Physical Education in Second Cycle Primary School of Paisa AreaDr. Bezabih Wolde; Alem, Worku
Aug-2014Perception and Attitude of Students with Disabilites about Physical Education in Silte Zone Some Selected High schoolsDr. Bezabih Wolde; Siraj, Lubaba