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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2001Analysis of T Cell Subsets in HIV-1 - Infected and Uninfected Ethiopians on the Basis of Various Differentiation and Activation Markers in the Context of Intestinal Parasitic InfectionsDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Dawit Wolday; Kassu, Afework
Jun-1998Assesment of the Immune Status of HIV Positive and HIV Negative Individuals with and without Intestinal Parasitic InfectionsDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Tobias Rinke; Dr. Arnaud Fontanet; Abdulkader, Mahmud
Jun-1992Assessment of HIV Among Students of High Schools and Colleges Attending Clinics for Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Addis AbabaDr. Beyene Petros; Belayneh, solomon
Jun-2004Assessment of HIV-I Transmission Risk from Blood Donors Screened Negative for HIV-I Antibody/Antigen by use of HIV-I DNA PCRDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Dawit Wolday; Mekonen, Teferi
23-Apr-2003Characterization of Peripheral Blood Leucocyte Subsets in Acute Plasmodium Falciparum and P. Vivax Malaria Infections at Wonji Sugar Estate, EthiopiaDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Dawit Wolday; Desta, Kassa
23-Apr-2008A Comparative Study of Four Indigenous Cattle Breeds for Tick Resistance and Tick- Borne Diseases in Ghibe ValleyDr. Beyene Petros; Adey, Feleke
Jun-1994Comparison of the Activation of Function of T Cells from Blood and Tissue Lesions of Leprosy PatientsDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Rawleigh C. Howe; Meseret, Yohannes
Jun-1997Development of a Colorimetric Microtiter Plate Hybridization Assay to Detect RT/PCR Products of Mycobacterium LepraeDr. Beyene Petros; Haile, Yoseph
May-1996Diarrhoea Associated Parasitic Infectious Agents in Patients with Aids in Selected Addis Ababa HospitalsDr. Beyene Petros; Fisseha, Bitew
Jun-1994Evaluation of the Antimalarial Activity of Some Ethiopian Medicinal Plants against Plasmodium Falciparum in VitroDr. Beyene Petros; Bogale, Mesfin
Jun-1989Gastrointestinal Infection in Patients Reporting to Municipality Health Centers in Addis AbabaDr. Beyene Petros; Kineselassie, Tesfaye
May-1994Generation of Specific DNA Probes for Ethiopian Isolates of Leishmania DonovaniDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Tamas Laskay; Assefa, Gessesse
Jun-1998HIV-1 Sub Type Epidemics in Ethiopia: An Assessment of the Prevalence of Non C- Subtypes in Addis AbabaDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. T.F. Rinke de Wti; Dr. A. Fontanet; Hussein, Mintewab
Dec-1993Host. Trap and Odour Bait Preference Determination of Tsetse Flies (Glossina Morsitans Submorsitans) in the Upper Didessa River Valley-South-Western Ethiopia.Dr. Beyene Petros; Belete, Habtamu
Jun-2001In vitro and in vivo Immune Responses in Ethiopian Tuberculosis Patients with HIV InfectionDr. Beyene Petros; Mekonnen, Wondwossen
Jun-1992In Vitro Evaluation of the Activity of Some Ethiopian Traditional Medicinal Plant Crude Extracts Against Plasmodium FalciparumDr. Beyene Petros; Sorssa, Solomon
Jun-2004In Vivo Anti-Malarial Activity of Crude Extracts Of Moringa Stenopetala and Withania Somnifera in MiceDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Yalemetsehay Mekonnen; Asnake, Solomon
21-May-2008Infection Prevalence of Ovine Fasciolosis in Irrigation Schemes Along the Upper Awash River Basin and Effects of Strategic Anthelmintic Treatment in Selected Upstream AreasDr. Beyene Petros; Dr. Yilma Jobre; Dr. Don Peden; Dr. Yoseph Shiferaw; Dr. Girma Taddesse; Michael, Asrat
Jun-1997Investigation of the Mechanisms of Resistance to Streptomycin in Mycobacterium TuberculosisDr. Sally Cowley; Dr. Beyene Petros; Gebrekidan, Yishak
Jun-1997Onchocerciasis: Relationships between Infection Load, Skin Manifestations and Socio-Economic Indices in Pawl Area, North Western EthiopiaDr. Beyene Petros; Ato Hailu Birrie; Menkir, Sissay