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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1991Aerobic Heterotrophic Bacterial Flora of one of Shalla Hot SpringsDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Kibret, Mulugeta
Jun-1993Amylase Production by Bacillus Species Isolated from Fermenting Tef and KochoDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Fikru, Lealem
Jun-1980Analysis of the Essential Oil of Artemisa Rehane and Cymbopogon CitratusDr. Berhanu Abegaz; G/Yohannes, Paulos
May-1993Assessment of Gonorrhoea and Syphilis in Patients Attending Clinics for SexuallyTransmitted Diseases in Addis AbabaDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Meless, Hailu
Jun-1994The Bitter Constituent of Gesho ( RHAMNUS PRINOIDES ) LeavesDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Kebede, Teshome
Jul-1981The Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Impatiens Tinctoria A.RichDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Dr. Cesfaye Biftu; Fassil, Yohannes
Jun-1981Chemical Composition of Croton Macrostachys Root-·BarkDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Menberu, Dirshaye
Jun-1982Chemical Composition of Rumex AbyssinicusDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Bezabih, Alemu
Jun-1990Chemical Investigation of Vernonia FiligeraDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Wambui, Annah
Jul-1992Chemical Investigation on the Essential Oils of Endemic Wild and Cultivated Lippia AdoensisDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Asfaw, Nigist
Jun-1990Dimeric Anthranoids from the Leaves of Senna Multiglandulosa and Senna SeptemtrionalisDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Tibeb, Merha
Jun-1994Ear Infections: Etiologic Agent Isolated from Patients Visiting two Hospitals in Addis Ababa and their Susceptibility to AntimicrobialsDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Asmelash, Tsehaye
Jun-1983Isolation and Characterization of Aerobic Cellulose-Degrading MicroorganismsDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Assefa, Fassil
Sep-1993Isolation and Characterization of the 34 KD Gene of Mycobacterium LepraeDr. Peter W. M. Hermans; Dr. Berhanu Abegaz; Abebe, Feseha
Jun-1992Lactic Acid Bacteria of Fermenting Tef Dough and Fermented Kocho and their Inhibitory Effect on Certain Food-Borne Pathogens or Spoilage OrganismsDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Nigatu, Ayele
Jun-1994Lignocellulosics for Cellulase and Fungal Biomass ProductionDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Kebede, Ameha
Jun-1986Macrocyclic Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids from Grotalaria roseniiDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Atnafu, Getachew
Jun-1990The Microbiology of Tella FermentationDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Sahile, Samuel
Jul-1981Photochemical Remote Oxidation of Oleyl Ester of P-Benzoylbenzoic AcidDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Gerba, Sendaba
Jun-1989Photochemical Studies on 2-Hydroxy- and 2-Methoxy-1, 4 –Naphtho QuincveDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Libsu, Solomon