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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1996Hexafluorotantalate (V)-Selective Coated Graphite Electrode Based on Malachite GreenDr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Dr. Ghirma Mages; Amare, Bizuayehu
Jun-1998Investigation of Media for Removing Fluoride from the Ethiopian Rift Valley Ground WaterDr. Ghirma Moges; Dr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Shewangizaw, Derib
Jun-1982Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometrig Determination of Cobalt (III) and Iron (III) with Nshydroxy-N,Ni-Diphenylbenzamidine in Pre6ence of AzideDr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Moges, Ghirma
Jun-1991Studies on Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Molybdenum(V) Using N1-Hydroxy-0,N2diphenylbenzamidine and Thiocyanatenzamidine and ThiocyanateDr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Berhanu, Belhu
Jun-1993Studies on Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Titanium (IV) Using N1-Hydroxy N1, N2-Diphenylbenzamidine and ThiocyanateDr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Yigzaw, Yirgalem
Jun-1993Synthesis and Characterization of Silver(I) Anthranilic Acid;-N-Phenyl Anthranilic Acid; -1-Nitroso-2-Naphthol; And -2-Nitros0-1-NaphtholDr. Rimma Gridassova; Dr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Yohannes, Elizabeth
Jun-1998Voltammetric Behaviour of Cobalt(II) at N-p-Chlorophenylcinnamohydroxamic Acid Modified Carbon Paste ElectrodeDr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Dr. Hailemichael Alemu; Refera, Tesfaye