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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1995Analytical Application of the Membrane-Stabilized, Enzyme-Modified Interface Between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions.Dr. B. Hundhammer; Bekele, Tesfaye
Jun-1994The Application of Facilitated Ion Transfer across Membrane Stabilized Interface between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions in Clinical Analysis.Dr. B. Hundhammer; Dr. Theodros Solomon; Berhanu, Tarekegn
Jun-1981Development of Detergent Sensitive Electrodes and Studies of the Charge Transfer Reaction at These ElectrodesDr. B. Hundhammer; Alemayehu, Beniam
Jun-1996Enzymatic Determination of Urea at the Membrane-Stabilized Liquid-LiquidinterfaceDr. B. Hundhammer; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Taddese, Tesfaye
Jun-1994The Investigation of the Dependence of the Double Layer Capacitance at the Water / Nitrobenzene Interface on the Supporting Electrolytes Employed in the Aqueous and Organic PhaseDr. B. Hundhammer; Dr. Theodros Solomon; Wondimagegn, Tebikie
Jun-1996Investigation of the Electrochemical Behavior of Pyrrole, Tidophene and Aniline in Nitrobenzene at Different Electrode MaterialsDr. B. Hundhammer; Muhie, Seid
Jun-2000Investigation of the Ionic Composition of Addis Ababa Drinking and Surface WatersDr. B. Hundhammer; G/kidan, Abraha
Jun-1991Ion Transfer and Double Layer Studies across the Water/O-Dichlorobenzene InterfaceDr. Thoodros Solomon; Dr. B. Hundhammer; Hassen, Hamid
Jun-1994Potentiometric Stripping Analysis at the Gel Stabilized Oil/Water InterfaceDr. B. Hundhammer; Asfaw, Alheayheu
Jun-1995Preliminary Investigation of Aniline Oxidation in Nitrobenzene at Different Electrode MaterialsDr. B. Hundhammer; Sergawie, Assefa
Jun-1994Preliminary Investigations of the Electrochemical Behavior of a Class of Conducting PolymersDr. B. Hundhammer; Telila, Gezahegn