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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Adequacy of Iodine Content and Level of Contaminants in Edible Salts Produced In EthiopiaDr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Araya, Henok
Jun-2017Aflatoxin and Microbial Contamination of Complementary Foods and Exposure Assessment among Young Children Using Urinary Aflatoxin Biomarkers in EthiopiaDr. Abdulaziz Adish; Prof. Sarah De Saeger; Dr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Ayelign, Abebe
Jun-2017Agronomic and Nutritional Qualities of Mixed Genotypes of Ethiopian Tetraploid Wheat (Triticum Durum/Turgidum and Related Species) CollectionsProf. Zemede Asfaw; Dr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Tilahun, Mulugeta
Jan-2017Comparative Study of Aflatoxin M1 in Milk Samples Marketed in Capital City and Rural PlaceDr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Wondimu, Abenet
Jun-2015Effect of Enset (Ensete Ventricosum (Wele) Cheesman) Variety and Fermentation on Nutritional Composition, Anti-nutritional Factors, Physicochemical Characteristics and Functional Property of BullaDr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Asst. Prof. Kelbesa Urga; Bekele, Hiwot
Jun-2016Effects of Various Processing Methods on Proximate Composition, Minerals and Beta-Carotene Content of Two Local Carrot VarietiesDr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Salih, Yemane
Jun-2015Nutritional Status of School Children in Addis Ababa Involved in School Feeding ProgramDr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Assefa, Alemnesh
Jun-2015Physicochemical Properties and Trace Metal Level of Oils Sold in Ethiopia and their Effect on the Serum of RatsDr. Ashagrie Zewdu; kebede, Getacher
Jun-2015Study on Aspergillus Species and Aflatoxin Contamination of Pre and Post- Harvest Maize Grain in West Gojam, EthiopiaDr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Ahmed, Masresha
Jun-2015Study on Aspergillus Species and Aflatoxin Levels in Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L.) Stored at Different Period and Storage System in Kewet Districts, Northern Shewa, EthiopiaMr. Tilahun Bekele; Dr. Ashagrie Zewdu; Tassew, Geremew