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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007Assessing Environmental Benefits of Mirt Stove with Particular Reference to Indoor Air Pollution (Carbon Monoxide & Suspended Particulate Matter) and Energy ConservationDr. Araya Asfaw; Dr. Hameed Sulaiman; Yosef, Assefa
6-Sep-2006Band Deconvolution and Fluorescence Quenching Methods for Determination of Caffeine Content in Coffee SeedDr. Araya Asfaw; Menberu, Mengesha
May-2011Bioethanol Production and Optimization test from Agricultural Waste: The case of wet coffee processing waste (pulp)Dr. Araya Asfaw; Dr. Mesfin Redi; Ayele, Kefale
Jun-2011Biogas production Potential of Cotton Seed Cake and Rapeseed CakeDr. Araya Asfaw; Dr. Mekibib Dawit; Selamawit, Seyoum
Apr-2011Carbon Neutral Development in the Tanning IndustryDr. Araya Asfaw; Solomon, Legesse
20-Dec-2008Climate Change Detection and Attribution in Tropical AfricaDr. Abebe Yeshanew; Dr. Araya Asfaw; Aschalew, Assefa
9-Nov-2007Combining Ras and Tas Techniques for Application of the Method for Absorbing ProbesDr. Araya Asfaw; Kusse, Gudishe
6-Sep-2006Determination of Degree of Anisotropy of KTP Crystal Using Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy TechniqueDr. Araya Asfaw; Fekadu, Gashaw
5-Dec-2007Determination of Degree of Anisotropy of KTP Crystal Using Rotating Polarizer-Analyzer Ras MethodDr. Araya Asfaw; Dr. Mesfin Redi; Joseph, Kassa
6-Sep-2007Determination of Optical Constants of a Thin Film Using Rotating Analyzer Ellipsometry of Multiple Angle of IncidenceDr. Araya Asfaw; Abraham, Aklog
Jun-2005Determination of Optical Constants of KTP Crystal Using Ellipsometry TechniqueDr. A. K. Chaudhary; Dr. Araya Asfaw; Molla, Asmamaw
Jun-2009Determination of Viscosity of Oil by Falling-Sphere Method Using Digital-Imaging SystemDr. Araya Asfaw; Getachew, Asmelash
Dec-2008Evaluating the Efficiency of Improved Local Liquor (Areke) Distilling Stove By Measuring the Indoor Air EmissionDr. Araya Asfaw; Girma, Gezahegne
7-Sep-2006Evaluation of Economic and Technical Feasibility of Biogas Production from Poultry Manure in Elfora Agro Industry Debre ZeitDr. Araya Asfaw; Ebrahim, Ali
Jun-2006House Hold Fuel Use and Acute Respiratory Infections Among Younger ChildrenDr. Araya Asfaw; Dr. Hameed Sulaiman; Biruk, Desalgne
5-Oct-2007Investigation on Effects of Roasting Temperature and Roasting Time on Caffeine Content in Coffee Using Optical MethodDr. Araya Asfaw; Alemayehu, Kiros
Dec-2009Malagasy Climate Variability, Characteristics, Modes, Mechanisms, Modelling, Teleconnection and PredictionDr. Abebe Yeshanew; Dr. Araya Asfaw; Tatiana, Andry
Nov-2008Moringa Stenopetala Seed Cake Powder: A Potential for Biogas Production and Brewery Wastewater Treatment through CoagulationDr. Araya Asfaw; Dr. Nigist Asfaw; Eyasu, Mekete
Nov-2008Moringa stenopetala seed oil as a potential feedstock for Biodiesel production in EthiopiaDr. Araya Asfaw; Dr. Nigist Asfaw; Andinet, Ejigu Aynalem
Jun-2005Optical and Thermal Properties of Coffee and CaffeineDr. Araya Asfaw; Ture, Kassahun