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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2000Alkaline Protease of Alkaliphiles Isolated from Ethiopian Rift Valley Soda- LakesDr. Dawit Abate; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Hasana, Azaga
Aug-2009Alkaline Protease Production by an Alkaliphilic Bacterial Isolate under Solid State FermentationDr. Amare Gessesse; Gizachew, Haile Gidamo
Mar-2017Amylase Production by Two Microbial Isolates: Isolation, Enzyme Characterization, and Optimization of Cultivation ConditionDr. Amare Gessesse; Leykun, Senaite
3-Sep-2006Amylases of Potential Industrial Application from Microbial SourcesDr. Amare Gessesse; Muluye, Teka
Jul-2011Antibiotic Production and Optimization of Culture Condition of Actinomycetes from some Soda Lakes of Ethiopia.Dr. Amare Gessesse; Daniel, Mehabie
Jul-2006Biodegradation of Feather KeratinDr. Amare Gessesse; Teka, Zenebe
4-Sep-2006Biological Nitrogen Removal from Tannery Wastewater Using Alkaliphilic SludgeDr. Amare Gessesse; Dr. Seyoum Leta; Tesfaye, Minuta
13-Nov-2007Biological Organic Matter and Nutrient Removal from Textile Wastewater using Anaerobic- Aerobic Bio ProcessDr. Seyoum Leta; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Rahel, Muche
25-Jun-2010Diversity and Efficiency of Cyanide Degrading Alkaliphilic Bacteria from Ethiopian Soda LakesDr. Amare Gessesse; Birhanu, Mekuaninte
Dec-2010Diversity of Culturable Alkaliphilic Denitrifying Bacteria in Four Soda Lakes of EthiopiaDr. Amare Gessesse; Lulit, Tilahun
Jul-2009Dye Biodegradation Using Alkalophillic Consortia in Anaerobic- Aerobic BioprocessDr. Amare Gessesse; Belay, Gessesse
Nov-2009Energy Production from Coffee HuskDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Debela, Biru
Jun-2011Evaluation of some Wood Rotting Fungi for Bagasse Pretreatment in Ethanol ProductionDr. Amare Gessesse; Dawit, Tewolde
Oct-2015Nitrogen Fixing Alkaliphiles from Lake Chitu, a Soda Lake in the Central Rift Valley of EthiopiaDr. Amare Gessesse; Dr. Addis Simachew; Ali, Yordanos
Jul-2015Optimization, Characterization, and Potential Industrial Applications of Alkaline Protease Isolated from Alkaliphilic Actinobacteria BACC-15Dr. Amare Gessesse; Worabo, Birhanu
Jul-2011Production of Alkaline Amylase from a Facultatively Anaerobic Alkaliphilic bacteria.Dr. Amare Gessesse; Ayalew, Damte
May-2011Production, Characterization, and Potential Application of a Keratinolytic Alkaline Protease Produced by Alkaliphilic Vibrio sp.Dr. Amare Gessesse; Muhammed, Seid
Apr-2011Tannery Wastewater Treatment using Alkaliphilic Sediment Inoculum in Anoxic-Oxic BioprocessDr. Amare Gessesse; Tesfaye, Admassu
Jul-2006Thermastable and Alkaline Xylanase from an Alkaliphilic ActinomyceteDr. Amare Gessesse; Dr. Dawit Abate; Siraw, Amare
4-Sep-2007Xylanase and Cellulase Production by a Termite Associated Xylaria SpeciesDr. Amare Gessesse; Tulu, Degefu