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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2000Alkaline Protease of Alkaliphiles Isolated from Ethiopian Rift Valley Soda- LakesDr. Dawit Abate; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Hasana, Azaga
Aug-2009Alkaline Protease Production by an Alkaliphilic Bacterial Isolate under Solid State FermentationDr. Amare Gessesse; Gizachew, Haile Gidamo
Mar-2017Amylase Production by Two Microbial Isolates: Isolation, Enzyme Characterization, and Optimization of Cultivation ConditionDr. Amare Gessesse; Leykun, Senaite
3-Sep-2006Amylases of Potential Industrial Application from Microbial SourcesDr. Amare Gessesse; Muluye, Teka
Jul-2011Antibiotic Production and Optimization of Culture Condition of Actinomycetes from some Soda Lakes of Ethiopia.Dr. Amare Gessesse; Daniel, Mehabie
Jul-2006Biodegradation of Feather KeratinDr. Amare Gessesse; Teka, Zenebe
4-Sep-2006Biological Nitrogen Removal from Tannery Wastewater Using Alkaliphilic SludgeDr. Amare Gessesse; Dr. Seyoum Leta; Tesfaye, Minuta
13-Nov-2007Biological Organic Matter and Nutrient Removal from Textile Wastewater using Anaerobic- Aerobic Bio ProcessDr. Seyoum Leta; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Rahel, Muche
25-Jun-2010Diversity and Efficiency of Cyanide Degrading Alkaliphilic Bacteria from Ethiopian Soda LakesDr. Amare Gessesse; Birhanu, Mekuaninte
Dec-2010Diversity of Culturable Alkaliphilic Denitrifying Bacteria in Four Soda Lakes of EthiopiaDr. Amare Gessesse; Lulit, Tilahun
Jul-2009Dye Biodegradation Using Alkalophillic Consortia in Anaerobic- Aerobic BioprocessDr. Amare Gessesse; Belay, Gessesse
Nov-2009Energy Production from Coffee HuskDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Debela, Biru
Jun-2011Evaluation of some Wood Rotting Fungi for Bagasse Pretreatment in Ethanol ProductionDr. Amare Gessesse; Dawit, Tewolde
Oct-2015Nitrogen Fixing Alkaliphiles from Lake Chitu, a Soda Lake in the Central Rift Valley of EthiopiaDr. Amare Gessesse; Dr. Addis Simachew; Ali, Yordanos
Jul-2015Optimization, Characterization, and Potential Industrial Applications of Alkaline Protease Isolated from Alkaliphilic Actinobacteria BACC-15Dr. Amare Gessesse; Worabo, Birhanu
Jul-2011Production of Alkaline Amylase from a Facultatively Anaerobic Alkaliphilic bacteria.Dr. Amare Gessesse; Ayalew, Damte
May-2011Production, Characterization, and Potential Application of a Keratinolytic Alkaline Protease Produced by Alkaliphilic Vibrio sp.Dr. Amare Gessesse; Muhammed, Seid
Apr-2011Tannery Wastewater Treatment using Alkaliphilic Sediment Inoculum in Anoxic-Oxic BioprocessDr. Amare Gessesse; Tesfaye, Admassu
Jul-2006Thermastable and Alkaline Xylanase from an Alkaliphilic ActinomyceteDr. Amare Gessesse; Dr. Dawit Abate; Siraw, Amare
2-May-2012A thesis submitted to the school of graduate studies of Addis Ababa University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering (Food Engineering)Ato Adamu Zegeye; Dr. Amare Gessesse; Habtamu, Admassu