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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2008Availability, Preparation and Utilization of Instructional Materials in Primary Schools of Main Training Centers of National ArmyDr. Amare Asgedom; Abebe, Kebede
Jun-2009Communication Strategies to Influence Audience Behavior:Dr. Amare Asgedom; Getachew, Tilahun Wakenie
Jun-1995Content Anal_Ysis Ofsecular Amharic Songs Produced In Cassettes (1972 -1994); Implications For Curriculum PlanningDr. Amare Asgedom; WOUBE, KASSAYE
Jun-2009The Ethiopian General Secondary Education Science Curriculum: Does It Challenge Or Burden Students?Dr. Amare Asgedom; Aman, Sado
Jun-2007The Evaluation of Implementation of Science Radio Broadcast in Primary School of Addis AbabaDr. Amare Asgedom; Yeshiwas, Tegegn
Jun-2007Evaluation Of Implementation Of Science Radio Broadcast In Primary School Of Addis AbabaDr. Amare Asgedom; YESHIWAS, TEGEGN
Jul-2007Gender Bias Analysis On Grade Five And Six Textbooks of Tigray RegionDr. Amare Asgedom; ESAYAS, GEBREMEDHIN
Jun-2014In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Education on Adult & LLL The Role of Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the Development of Adult Education: The Case of Ye’abnet Timhirt BetDr. Amare Asgedom; Amare, Asgedom
Aug-2007Involvement Of Preparatory School Teachers In Action Research: The Case Of Gelemso Secondary And Preparatory SchoolDr. Amare Asgedom; ASHENAFI, TSEGAYE
Jun-1997Selection and Use of Instructional Media By Pre-Service and In-Service Elementary School Teachers: The Case of Region 13Dr. Amare Asgedom; Abebe, Zewdie
Sep-2016Teachers’ Caring Relationship with their Students: The case of Three Government Primary Schools in Addis AbabaDr. Amare Asgedom; Molalign, Tamiru