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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2016Dam Breach Modeling and Flood Inundation Mapping For Middle Awash DamDereje Hailu (PhD); Kibire, Tesemma
Jun-2016Estimation of Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) Using In-Situ and Reanalysis Global Precipitation ProductsDereje Hailu (PhD); Abenezer, Endale
Jun-2016Evaluation of Extreme flow Quantiles estimated from Global Reanalysis runoff data: A case study of Blue Nile River BasinDereje Hailu (PhD); Bedassa, Dessalegn
Mar-2017Prediction and Flood Modeling For Kello TownDereje Hailu (PhD); Admasu, Bereded
Jun-2016Urbanization and Its Effect on Surface Runoff (A Case Study on Great Akaki River, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)Dereje Hailu (PhD); Misganaw, Nega
Oct-2016Validating reanalysis global precipitation products (ECMWF) using intensity-duration-frequency curves in Upper Blue Nile BasinDereje Hailu (PhD); Kidist, Demessie
Dec-2015Validation of Global Precipitation Data Sets To Runoff Generation Using Swat Modeling SystemDereje Hailu (PhD); Fenet, Tadese