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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2014Aerodynamic Characteristics and Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Ethiopian National Train, Case Study on Addis Ababa Dire Dawa Passenger TrainDemiss Alemu (PhD); Tsegaye Feleke; Mamo, Nigusie
Aug-2014Analysis of Gear Train Structure of Electric Traction Train Using Finite Element MethodDemiss Alemu (PhD); Shuma, Michael
Sep-2014Analysis of Regenerative Braking System in the Reduction of Energy Consumption in Addis Ababa Light Rail TrainsDemiss Alemu (PhD); Kibrom, Tadelle
18-Oct-2012Biodiesel Production Optimization and Quality Assessment Using Jatropha Curcas Oil and Ethanol AlcoholDemiss Alemu (PhD); Demissie, Biniyam
5-Mar-2013Biogas Production System Design for Condominium and Its FeasibilityDemiss Alemu (PhD); Bekele, Gaddisa
Sep-2016CFD Analysis of a Rail Way Tunnel VentilationDemiss Alemu (PhD); Aberahm, Berhanu
Jun-2016CFD Analysis of Air Conditioned Air Distribution in Passenger Car of a TrainDemiss Alemu (PhD); Tadele, Bayu
Apr-2014Comparative Analysis of Briquetting Most Viable Biomass Waste to Substitute Charcoal in Ethiopia BDemiss Alemu (PhD); Anteneh, Belay
Jul-2007Comparative Analysis of Feasibility of Solar PV, Wind and Micro Hydro Power Generation for Rural Electrification in the Selected Sites of EthiopiaDemiss Alemu (PhD); Bimrew, Tamrat
31-Oct-2008Computer Modeling and Simulation of Coal fired Cogeneration Power PlantDemiss Alemu (PhD); Abebayehu Assefa (PhD); Yohannes, Tamirat
5-Feb-2013Design and Manufacture of Laboratory Model for Solar Powered Injera Baking OvenDemiss Alemu (PhD); Abdulkadir Aman (Mr.); Mekonnen, Mesele
Apr-2015Design and Simulation of Sugar Juice Evaporator (Case study: Metehara Sugar Factory)Demiss Alemu (PhD); Kalid, Muleta
Nov-2016Design of Coolant Heater for an Emergency Electric Generator Drive Diesel Engine by Solar Energy for a Cement IndustryDemiss Alemu (PhD); Tadesse, Meleta
31-Oct-2008Design of Energy Efficient Buildings for Hot Areas of Ethiopia With Respect to Air ConditioningDemiss Alemu (PhD); Teklay, W/abzgi
Apr-2013Design of Fluidized Bed Bagasse GasifierDemiss Alemu (PhD); Abdulehak, Alemu
May-2015Design of Refrigerated Railcar for Addis Ababa – Djibouti RailwayDemiss Alemu (PhD); Mekonnen, Seid
Jun-2015Design of Simple to Assemble Steel Truss Bridge for Pedestrian Crossing in Addis Ababa LRTDemiss Alemu (PhD); Melaku, Desalegn
15-Nov-2016Design, Analysis and Optimization of Photovoltaic Thermal Collector and Storages TankDemiss Alemu (PhD); Kifle, Fisaha
Jul-2017Dynamic Analysis with Multi-Body Simulation Of Articulated Passenger Car of AALRTDemiss Alemu (PhD); Belayhun, Ejiguale
7-Sep-2016Effect of Aerodynamic Drag on Performance of High Speed TrainDemiss Alemu (PhD); Solomon, Asmamaw