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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Analysis of Rolling Contact Fatigue Damage and Fatigue Life Comparison of Rail Due to Cyclic Axle LoadDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Ayana, Gebremichael
31-Jan-2013Analysis of Wheel/Rail Contact Geometry and Applied Load Conditions on the Rail Head SurfaceDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Addisu, Negash
Apr-2015Analytical and Finite Element Analysis of Surface Wear on Disc Brake RotorDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Hailemariam, Shegaw
Sep-2014Contact Stress Analysis and Surface Fatigue Life Estimation of Involute Spur Gear by Finite Element Method (FEM)Daniel Tilahun (PhD); Shiferaw, Damtie
Apr-2015Crack Propagation Analysis and Its Life Prediction for Railroad Rails Using FEADaniel Tilahun (PhD); Abdurahman, Haji
28-Nov-2013Design and Analysis of Bamboo and E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composite for Wind Turbine Blade ShellDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Abiy, Alene
Feb-2017Design and Static Analysis of Carbon/Epoxy Composite Mono Leaf Spring for Light Vehicle Using FEMDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Co-Advisor: Ayichluhim Mitiku (Mr.); Misganaw, Abebaw
2017Design of Teff Seed Drill MachineDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Geta K/Mariyam (Mr.); Habtamu, Mulatu
6-May-2014Designing of Dual Axis Timer Based Sun Tracker System to Improve Efficiency of Solar ReceptorDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Getaw, Ayay
Aug-2014Developing Pantograph-Catenary Contact and Predicting Fatigue Failure of Contact Wire of RailwaysDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Habtamu Tekubet (Mr); Andinet, Zereabruk
1-Jul-2016Development of Material for the Overhead Contact Line of the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (AA-LRT)Daniel Tilahun (PhD); Yibeltal, Negash
Mar-2015Dynamic Simulation of Fluid Sloshing Effect on Fluid Transporting Freight-wagonDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Solomon, Abera
8-Mar-2013Effect of Change of Contact Ratio on Contact Fatigue Stress of Spur GearsDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Michael, G/mariam
Aug-2014Effect of Change of Wheel-Rail Contact Geometry on Contact Fatigue StressesDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Habtamu Tikubet (Mr); Fikru, Bekele
Sep-2015Effect of Rotational Speed in Controlling Axial Thrust Of Rotary KilnDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Seifu, Abegaz
2016Effect of Stress Distribution on Surface Failure of Spur GearDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Shikur, Ali
Mar-2016Effect of Tempering Temperature and Tempering Time on ASTM A36 Carburized SteelDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Abiyu, Alemayehu
Dec-2014Effects of Friction Modifiers (Sand-Based) in Wheel/Rail ContactDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Gutanbar, Debere
Jul-2015Effects of Stresses on Rail Joints Due to Thermal Lateral and Longitudinal ForcesDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Endashaw, Mekonnen
4-Aug-2014Effects of the Radius of Curved Rail and Vehicle Speed on Rail Friction and WearDaniel Tilahun (PhD); Zemenu, Tsehay