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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2016Adopting Freight Demand Forecasting Model for Addis Ababa-Djibouti RailwayBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Arefeayne, Amare
Sep-2014Analytic Network Process based evaluation and analysis of railway station site selection in EthiopiaBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Neja, Ali
Jun-2015Anthropometric Furniture Design For 1st Cycle Elementary Schools in Addis AbabaBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Kassu Jilcha (Mr) Co-Advisor; Abubeker, Oumer
Mar-2013Continuous Improvement in Safety, Quality, and Productivity Crystal Tannery S.CoBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Shewit W/Gabriel (Mrs); Habte, Bekele
Oct-2016Contribution of Addis Ababa Light Railway Project for Technology Transfer Process in EthiopiaBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Belay, Jibat
Dec-2014Control Chart Pattern Recognition for Multivariate Autocorrelated Processes Using Artificial Neural NetworkBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Shewit Woldegbriel (PhD Candidate); Ashenafi, Muluneh
Sep-2014Dynamic Strategic Planning for Rail Project DesignBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Abdi, Alemayehu
Aug-2013Enhancing kaizen intervention’s effectiveness in organizational growth of Ethiopian micro-and small enterprisesBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Mr. Ephrem Gidey; Samuel, Shimels
22-Apr-2015Ethiopian Railway Corporation as a Multimodal OperatorBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Kidist, Hailu
Jun-2017Investigating the wheel wear of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (AALRT)Birhanu Beshah (PhD); Dula, Fekadu
19-Dec-2013Measuring National Quality Cost in Ethiopian Import-Export ProductsBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Ephrem Gidey (Mr.) Co-Advisor; Asefa, Leta
Sep-2014Multi-Objective Project Crashing Algorithm SelectionBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Haftom, Mehari
Mar-2013Multi-Stage and Multi-Response Process Optimization Based on Application of Design of Experiments for Reducing Product Performance Variations a Study on Harar Brewery S. Co.Birhanu Beshah (PhD); Shewit W/gebriel; Goytom, Desta
Mar-2014The Role of Project Planning on Project Performance in EthiopiaBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Ermias Tesfaye (Mr.) Co-Advisor; Tekalign, Lemma
Nov-2014Supply Chain Network Analysis and Design for Oromia Forest IndustryBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Yared Lemma (Mr.); Hiluf, Reda
Sep-2014Train Operation System Development for Addis Ababa Light Rail TransitBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Befikadu, Diro
Mar-2013Transferability of kaizen in Ethiopia manufacturing industries (A survey on the kaizen pilot project in Ethiopia)Birhanu Beshah (PhD); Wondimeneh, Asmare